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Chapter Two: A New Era

It is the year 2023 with in the town of Martin Illinois. There a young boy at the age of 13 named Damien Foxx lives there with his two younger sisters Sierra (9 year old blonde) and Trinity (7 year old brunette) and his aunt Janice, who has taken them in after the death of their parents who were in a sever car accident when Trinity was at the age of four.

Young Damien is not much of a celebrity in school, but a gaming geek, as he enjoys playing Magic and Dungeons & Dragons with his friends Breanne and Jordan. A smart lad, Damien was as he read alot of fantasy novels, he’s an A+ student and is dedicated as a gymnast at the local gymnastics center.

It is only two days before his 14th birthday and things at school and the gym are hectic. Being a 8th grader meant a good amount of homework in the flat corn lands of Illinois, and he had to prepare a book report on a novel he wanted to share with the class. In addition to that, Damien is training hard at his gymnastics center for a meet that he must compete at with in two weeks time. He just started getting the hand of performing a double somersault in the air off the Double Mini and putting together a routine on the floor. Besides his training, Damien's sisters are also on the team in lower level classes, which makes him sit around waiting on them to finish on opposite days he practiced.

During those times, Damien takes the advantage to read his book for his report in the waiting room while his sisters practiced in the Novice and Sub Novice classes. As Damien has his nose in his book, Aunt Janice was conversing with his teammate's mother about something in which he could not really hear.

After Sierra and Trinity finished practice, Janice brings them back home. The home is a one story house with white siding and beautiful blue shutters. Inside Damien went to his room where he changes out his tank top and shorts. He dresses ready for bed that night, and lays down with in his blue and white stripped covers. While laying there he watches his show on his I-pad before he has to get to sleep for school the next morning. Laying there comfortably, Damien hears a knock at the door.

The door swings open and Aunt Janice with her long brown hair sitting on her shoulders enters the room. "Already for bed I see." Janice smiles at Damien leaning against the doorway with her arms crossed.

"Yeah, got a long day a head tomorrow." Damien express.

"Yes, we all have a long day tomorrow." Janice giggles. "Although no school for you or your sisters. And as for me, I am taking off work."

"Why's that, Aunt Janice?" Damien asks as he sits up in his bed.

"Because we are going on a small trip to celebrate your birthday. It's not everyday that a boy turns into a man you know." Janice replies. "So I have planned a trip down to St. Louisfor a few days."

"Why what's there?" Damien questions.

"Well, I was going to surprise you, but I guess I will tell you." Janice sighs as she walks over and sits on the bed next to Damien. "I know your love for knights and dragons is a huge deal. So I have found a ruin castle near St. Louis where we will go visit. Have you see a little of what you love. We will visit a ranch and have a scout take us there by horseback."

"Are you serious?!" Damien's eyes widen with excitement.

"Yes, although you will have to experience it with another." Janice giggles.

"What do you mean?" Damien questions.

"I have invited Breanne to join us. We pick her up in the morning." Janice responds. "So get some sleep. We will be getting up around seven and leaving to pick up Breanne at her mother's work."

"No way! You're the best!" Damien hugs Janice tightly.

"Yes well, it's not going to happen if we don't get to sleep." Janice stands to her feet and walks to the door. "So turn off your I-pad and close your eyes Damien. We have a long day tomorrow."

Janice exits closing the door behind her as Damien lies back down upon his bed under his covers. There he sighs with glee and a smile upon his face. An image comes to Damien as he lays there. He sees the beauty of Bre before him. Her lovely pink glossed lips, her light brown hair on her shoulders, and her green eyes popped out with mascara and eyeliner. Damien has a huge crush on his best friend. He thinks of her as the prettiest girl he has ever laid his eyes upon. And now that he is going through puberty, his thoughts of her increased fully onto his mind.

Morning rises and Damien scoots out of his bed, heads to the bathroom where he takes a quick shower, and gets dressed. That day he wears a Jurassic Park T-shirt, navy blue jean pants, and black Converse shoes with white laces. After combing his shaggy brown hair, and brushing his teeth, he exits the bathroom where he enters the living room where he finds Sierra, in a black and pink dress with her hair braided in ponytails, Trinity, who wears a sky blue dress and a matching headband, and Janice, who is wearing blue jeans and a red blouse which matched her lipstick waiting for him.

"You ready to go Damien?" Janice asks. "Got everything you need?"

"I think so. As long as my backpack and suitcase is in the car." Damien answers with a grin.

"Yes they are both in the SUV." Janice responds with a smile.

Damien, Sierra, and Trinity exits the house followed by Janice who locks the front door with her key. After loading up into the SUV, picking up Breanne, who at the moment is wearing a green romper and brown cowboy boots with tassels, they head down for St. Louis.

As they drive down 57 south of Champaign, pass Effingham, and straight to St. Louis, the lively group sing and listens to Janice's all time favorite musician Christina Aguilera. Arriving three hours from Martin, to St. Louis they enter their hotel, drops off their luggage, then heads over to the Spaghetti Factory where they enjoy a great Italian meal.
Damien personally has a Strawberry lemonade and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. He sits next to Breanne who has chicken fettuccine alfrado, and a sweet tea.

After eating, Janice takes the children over to the wax museum and then to the Arch where they visit the underground museum, and then takes the elevator up to the top of the arch where they could look upon the entire city.

Standing next to Damien, Bre looks out at the city, as she slowly reaches out, taking Damien's hand. Damien's eyes turns away from the incredible view of the city, and looks over at Bre with a huge smile on his face. Bre batting her eyelashes leans in and kisses Damien on the cheek.

"Damien and Breanne sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Sierra chants with a giggle.

Damien's face goes red, "Knock it off Sierra!"

"First comes love, second come marriage, third comes a baby in a baby carriage." Sierra continues.

Clearing her throat, Janice places her hand on Sierra's shoulder and looks down at the blonde nine year old. "That's quite enough young lady. Leave your brother alone."

"I'm only playin." Sierra pouts as she crosses her arms.

A loud yawn sounds as Trinity stood there with her mouth wide open. Janice looks over at the little brunette girl and grins. "It's getting late. We should probably get back to the room and get some sleep we have a long day tomorrow."
At that very moment, Janice leads the children into the elevator and to the SUV where she drives them back to the hotel. There in the room, the children takes their baths and showers, get dressed for bed and snuggles comfy into separate sleeping bags on the ground around the large queen size bed where Aunt Janice has made herself comfortable for the night watching her show Resturaunt Impossible. Laying there Damien watches the tv as Breanna laid near him.

"I had fun today, D." Bre whispers in his ear as she rubs her bare leg against his leg.

"I...um....had fun too Bre." Damien says with a small stutter with nerves.

"Will you too get to sleep already." Janice comments.

"Night D, talk to ya in the morning." Bre leans in and kisses Damien upon his lips and then laid her head upon Damien's chest and closes her eyes.

"Night Bre." Damien whispers as he too shuts his eyes.

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