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Chapter Two: Departure

Morning rises over Snowflake Mountain, where the heroic woodland elf Bredan and his western dragon lover Razlyn has stayed the night with a few fellow Coreans; who guarded the entrance to the underground land known as the Core. After a night of stress and unease visions, Razlyn and Bredan thought it best to move on and say their goodbyes to their new friends.

“It will be a hard few days without you here Razlyn.” Maddie sniffles as a few tears fall down the young ten year old’s face.

“I will come back and visit. I promise you that.” Razlyn smiles at the girl. “You just behave yourself and listen to Vixen.”

Walking out of the log cabin, Bredan faces Vixen the one eyed Corean Red Fox, “You take care won’t you?”

“We’ll be fine. Been doing this job a long time now.” Vixen smirks. “It’s one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had.”

As Razlyn and Bredan finish saying their goodbyes, Mack stuffs his face with apples, and peaches in which Maddie packed special for him in a large sack. As they walk down the cabin steps, the tabby cat Francis hurries out of the cabin with a bag strapped on his back.

“Hold up Amigos!” Francis cries out.

Looking back Razlyn and Bredan saw that the cat was running towards them. “Francis did we forget something?” Razlyn asks.

“Of course you have my Sinatra. Me!” Francis winks.
“You?” Bredan asks.

“Of course! I’ve been looking for a way to move out of that cabin for months. You, Senor are just the key.” Francis states. “If you don’t mind a handsomely warrior joining you that is.”

“Maybe the two of you can be buddy buddy?” Mack giggles.

“Knock it off Mack. I’m about to leave you here.” Bredan huffs.

Mack frowns and lowers his head, “You take all the fun out of it.”

Madelyn walks up to the orange haired feline and tightly hugs him, “You behave yourself and come back.”

“Of course Madelyn. We will see each other again.” Francis replies as the girl sets him back on the ground.

“Well if everyone has said their goodbyes, we should get a move on.” Razlyn comments.

Razlyn transforms into her dragon form, A large short neck western dragon with scarlet red scales, a gold underbelly, a pair of large black goat like horns on top of her head between her fin like ears, bat-like wings, a serpent’s tail, and a row of black spikes down her neck, back and tail. Standing on all fours, Razlyn lowers herself to the ground letting Mack, Bredan, and Francis climb up onto her back. The western dragon pushes off her hind-legs and flaps her prodigious wings, lifting herself and her friends high into the snowy thick clouds.

Looping, tumbling and free wheeling, Razlyn swoops through the brisk white clouds. A vicious roar cries out from behind her, as the Ice Dragon Froostbite appears, flapping his large white scaled bat-like wings. With a viscious roar of harsh dragon breath the Ice Dragon fires a ice blast at Razlyn. Jerking quickly, Razlyn leans to the right and merges over just enough for the blast to fire blast past her.

“Oi! That was a close one.” Francis cries out.

“He’s gaining on us!” Mack cries out holding tightly to Bredan’s waist.

“Hold on!” Razlyn telepathically calls out to her friends as she nose dives downwards closer to the land.

As the mighty red western dragon dove, the Ice Dragon followed closely behind. Mack closes his eyes tightly while gripping Bredan. Francis’ green eyes widen as he watches Frostbite gain closer and closer to them.

“Senioreta he’s still there!” Francis calls out.

“I’ll handle him.” Bredan stands to his feet on Razlyn’s back, releasing Mack’s grip and taking out his bow off his back. “I’ve never been beaten in a fight before and I’m not going to let it start now.”

“Hey! Come back here!” Mack calls out as he hugs Razlyn’s neck.

Stepping over Mack and Francis, Bredan heads down his lover’s back towards her tail, as Razlyn levels herself. Taking out an arrow from his quiver, Bredan looks straight into Frostbite’s glaring stare. With a smirk, Bredan fires his arrow. The arrow pierce forward with a twisting movement as it gains speed at the Ice Dragon. With a quick jerk, Frostbite leans and dodges the arrow completely.

Flying towards a boarder of trees, Razlyn leans upwards without thought, and Bredan begins to loose his balance. As the western dragon lifts up towards the sky, the woodland elf falls off and free falls straight for the Ice Dragon, who’s mouth was wide open.

“Red!” Bredan cries out as he falls

Turning her head, she sees her beloved free falling towards the mouth of the enemy. Quickly she turns herself back around diving downwards towards Bredan and Frostbite. Inhaling deeply, Razlyn blasts out a large burst of flame from her mouth, causing Frostbite to shift himself to dodge. As the Ice Dragon maneuvers himself, Bredan gathers his mind and grabs the Ice Dragon’s spiked back and hauls himself on to the back of the great white dragon. Climbing toward’s Frostbite’s head the courageous elf finds himself holding on to dear life as the Ice Dragon decides to roll in mid are like a spinning drill. Unable to hold on tightly from the quick spinning motion of the dragon, the elf looses his grip and free falls once more towards the woodland terrain below.

Seeing her belove falling to his death, Razlyn dives faster for her lover. As she dives Frostbite charges at Razlyn and with a snap of his mighty and strong jaw, grips his teeth into Razlyn’s neck. Razlyn roars with pain.

“Aye aye aye!” Francis shouts out. “Hold on Senoreta and I’ll save ye.”

Standing to his boot covered feet Francis leaps over Mack the hoggoblin and charges towards Frostbite’s head. With his Musketeer like sword in his hand he jabs forward and pokes the Ice Dragon’s snout. The Ice Dragon roars with anger eyeing the orange furred house cat. Quickly Frostbite snaps towards Francis, who jumps backwards and dodges the dragon’s attack.

“Nice try you oversize gecko!” Francis swishes his sword showing courage towards the dragon.

As Frostbite kept Bredan’s companions busy, the elf continues to fall for his death as he looks up towards his lovely Razlyn and the great Ice Dragon above him. A shrieking bird cry calls out as a large oversize golden brown eagle like bird with a crown of feathers on it’s head and four kite-like tails swoops in carrying a passenger on its back. As the elf falls, the bird dives and swoops under Bredan where he lands on the aviarian creature. Gathering himself he looks over to see that the rider was none other than Vixen the Corean Fox. She held on to golden rope like reigns and steered the massive bird creature back up towards Razlyn and the Ice Dragon.

“Hold on Bredan, I gotcha mate!” Vixen calls out as she steers the great bird.

“Where did you come from?” Bredan asks.

“Don’t worry bout it mate. Once we get over to Red there get on her. I’ll take care of frost breath. Been aching to deal with that giant lizard ever since we moved here.” Vixen tells Bredan.

The great golden bird flaps straight for the two dragons, swooping over head of the giant winged lizards, Bredan and Vixen leaps down off of the large bird. Bredan lands on Razlyn’s back, as Vixen lands on the head of Frostbite.

“Get out of here!”Vixen yells out.

“What about you?! We can’t leave you!” Francis cries out seeing Vixen holding on top of Frostbite’s head as he tries to shake her off.

“I Got this my friend! Leave ole’ Frostbite to me!” Vixen scurries closer to the face of the might dragon. Taking out her sword the Corean Fox jabs the pointed end of the blade straight into Frostbite’s right eye.

Squirming and shaking the large Ice Dragon looses focus as it was now in dire pain of the great jab of the eye. With no focus, the dragon and Vixen begin to fall for the terrain below, disappearing into the cloudy misty white clouds.

“Vixen!!!” Francis cries out seeing her disappear from his sight.

“Red let’s go.” Bredan telepathically tells the red dragon.

Flapping her mighty wings Razlyn flew away from Snowflake Mountain and headed straight for the Sea of Legends where they hope to find Damien and the others.

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