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Darkum Episode 1: Nemphars Staff Prologue (draft)

By D4RKM4K3R · Feb 25, 2013 ·
  1. Darkum
    Episode 1: Nemphars Staff
    By: Scott Quarrington 2013

    I woke up today battered and bruised on the side of a stone path on a steep slant rather high up an old desolet cold montain with my injured suffering friend and Partner who has seem to almost lose all hope; i thought these restless nights would never end! I only got three or four hours of sleep lastnight but it felt like hours i was asleep, dreaming of what the world could become if we succeed in destroying Nemphar... we are so close now i can taste his blood.... he will pay for his crimes and evil acts, he caused so much damage to us all and this world... there were many times in this journey i thought we would not even make it to greyhelm, many times i thought we would die due to every bad situation we got ourselves into.

    “Darlon! We have made it to the statue of Evelynore!” Hadis spoke out! I looked at him directly in his bloodshot eyes; he did not get much sleep the past night and was beaten sore and battered and his left arm was greatly damaged!, from our Greatest battle yet... we still have no clue how we survived that assault! Leaking blood soaked out of the bandage wrapped around Hadis's arm; it made me want to throw up. The kind of sickness you get when you see heads chopped off. arms, legs dismembered and people dying bleeding out! The blood everywhere i have seen in this crazy dark world is something i have not gotten used to.

    “Are you okay Darlon? Do you need to sit down? We are so close to his cavern now! We can rest a bit more here if you need to.”

    he asked while i stared at him breathing heavily andi began to tear up.

    “No! Hadis we just awoke and we are so close now i do not want to stall any longer on our quest... we may not be the bravest or strongest beings in the world but we are stronger then we or anyone else thinks we are!! We have been through hell and back Hadis! Its safe to say we should have been killed long ago but we did not get destroyed! We carried on! we knew what we had to do and we still do! We are so close to the end you fear now we will fail? I do not care no more! Nemphar is either dying this day or the world will burn! Simple as that!”

    Hadis stared at me for a good minute there was nothing but silence; “blarghhh!!” a Troll Spellcaster shot a Darkmana Orb directly at us a good few metres away! It was a close one; suddenly we turned our attention to him and we readied ourselves for battle, Hadis using his Ancient GreyElve magick he quickly cast a Magick energy shield that slowly began to sorround his whole body in a sphere shape; he then took his Vrovilv'e Staff and he gripped it tightly in his hands and directed it forward towards the Troll himself. The troll suddenly began to cast another spell! I dashed towards a large rock to the left of me, i leaped and flew down onto the ground behind the rock and suddenly pulled out my Demonic-cast Daggers and gripped them in my hands and suddenly felt the rush of Hell within me! I looked over towards Hadis he repeatedly started to cast Magick ArkMissiles shooting them at the troll, The troll suddenly had a sense of Fear in his eyes; he then continued to cast his spell! A low degree Magix Shield that actually blocked off two of the missiles and destroyed them however his Magix ran low and he lost the will to cast it and “Vroomm!!! Blarrrggahahahh!!!!” the troll screamed in agony i looked above the boulder and saw him nothing but blood leaked down his body head to toe, “GAHhhhhh!!!”

    “what in hells name is this? Hes still alive!!!! attack him quick Darlon! Now!!! to the end!” Hadis screamed at the top of his lungs to me on the other side of the large stone path leading up the montain.
    The troll then started to Glow red like the burning hells themselves! I then decided to act, i readied my daggers i got up and dispite the cries and pleas from Hadis... I ascended above the rock and dashed forward towards the dreaed Troll without fear i rose my daggers and with all my might and power!



    Is this a dream?

    le fin!

    This is the Prologue to the current story im writing :) i hope you enjoyed!


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