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Mini Collection


  1. The Flood

    It was early dawn when a crack of thunder rent air, and rain poured from the sky. It rained for hours, so hard that the rivers began to flood their banks and the streets of the abandoned city was covered with a thin blanket of water. As the day went on, the lightning and thunder grew more frequent. And the water rose ever higher. In the abandoned city the water was no longer a thin blanket but it would now be higher than your knees if you were to walk in it. In the shadows of a crumbling building, a shadow moved cat-like, hissing in annoyance at the ever falling rain. Longing for it to stop, the shadow waded through the water to find a more sheltered spot in the old crumbling stones. Three days later the rain stopped, all the land was flooded in several feet of water. In the crumbling building, the shadow had disappeared without a trace, but shadows never left a trace to be found in water or earth anyway.

    The Blizzard in the Pass

    A blizzard started in a narrow pass in the mountain range that was near to the ocean which was in endless waves of stormy grayish-blue. In the pass, a peculiar shape could be made out that glowed faintly, wandered through the blizzard. No breathing could be heard from the figure through the howling winds even if you could have gotten close to it, you would have heard nothing. The shape had little visible form but it was be able to walk upright as far as anyone would have been able to tell, even though the wind had thoroughly combed the pass and was continuing to do so. Later when the blizzard passed, a long winding trail could be seen cutting through the snow drifts, seeming to appear out of nowhere. Then the trail ended suddenly as if the thing that made it had simply vanished, but one of the strangest things about the trail was that it looked like it had been burned away. No one has ever discovered who or what made the trail, but nothing ever grew back in that area and whenever you go to the narrow pass after a blizzard, there won't be any snow in that path, not even the smallest snowflake.

    Footsteps in the Night

    The mysterious footprints led to a locked door in the basement. The police asked for the key but nobody had it. The owners of the house demanded that the police get into the basement in any possible way they could. So the police shouted through the door saying that they would break open the door if it wasn't opened in ten seconds. They got to one and were preparing to break open the door when the door creaked open. The police walked in…. and there was nobody by the door. They looked around the room and it was completely empty. They walked back to where they last saw the footprints but they weren't there anymore. The more time the police spent trying to solve the case, the more impossible it seemed. In the end the police gave it up as a hoax and stopped working on the case. But sometimes on a quiet night you can hear footsteps in the basement and doors creaking open with nobody there to open them. In the morning there were footprints trailing around the house.

    Midsummer's Eve

    It was the night of Midsummer’s Eve, and the night-mares and the ghosts and all the other creatures of the night began to prowl.
    When the wind began to moan as it swept through the starless night. And the branches of the trees began to clack against each other in the wind, in such a way that is sounded as if they were cackling and chittering like the bats that flew through the air. Then as midnight came near the moans of the wind became the sound of a voice wailing in the distance. Repeating the same terrible words over and over. In the darkest corners and shadows, the creatures of the night themselves, they who reigned over the terror of the night trembled with fear. On and on the wind wailed and moaned till the dawn broke over the skies then the voice in the wind gave a final piercing wail and fell silent. The wind never spoke again but since that night all those who had heard it trembled every time the wind began to moan.

    The Jello Witch

    (This is my rendition of a story that my dad used to tell me and my siblings at night.)

    There were once two children who lived with their mother at the edge of the woods. Every day their mother would tell them that they must never go off of the path or else the Jello Witch would come and take them away and they would never be seen again. The children would promise and then be on their way. One day, on their way to school as they were walking down the path were it was closest to the woods, they saw two bowls of bright green jello on the edge of the path. The children looked around but there was no sign of the person who had put out the jello, so they just shrugged, walked over to the jello and ate it, to them it was the most delicious thing that they had ever tasted. After they had eaten they went to school and thought nothing of it.

    The next day there were two more bowls of green jello, and the same thing happened the day after that and the day after that till two weeks had passed. After two weeks had passed the children ran to the spot where they normally found the green jello but it wasn’t there, instead there were two bowls of red jello a few steps of off the path. The children stopped for a moment, then thinking to themselves 'Oh the Jello Witch is just a story to keep us out of the woods it’s okay'. they ran over, grabbed the jello and ate it. The red jello was even better than the green jello, so the children continued to eat the jello and as before nothing bad happened. This went on for some time, every two weeks the color of the jello would change and the jello would be a few steps farther out towards the woods.

    The jello had been green, red, blue, purple, orange, pink, yellow and even teal. The two children couldn’t wait to find out what color the jelo would be next. Seeing as each color had always tasted even better than the last. Now as the weeks had passed by the bowls of jello had entered the woods, and gone quite far in, now the children didn’t even hesitate as they ran into the woods to find the jello. They went deeper and deeper until they found it. There were two big bowls of rainbow colored jello sitting next to each other on a little grassy hill. The children ran to eat and ate it all, right down to the last crumb for it was even better than all the other Jellos combined.

    As they finished and were getting up to leave, the children heard a horrible laugh from the shadows of the trees, they clung to each other, trembling with terror. The Jello Witch didn’t keep them waiting for long. She slid through the trees towards the children. The Witch was dressed completely in black and carried a long glittering white wand. When she stopped in front of them, the children cowered. The Witch chuckled darkly to herself, then with a wave of her wand turned the children into bowls of green jello. Then she put them out on the path for the next children that should come walking by.

    It was a Dark and Stormy Night

    Maria was visiting her uncle Earle for the weekend in his cottage in the woods. It was dark when the thunderstorm started. Rain lashed at the windows and the thunder boomed across the sky chasing the bright forks of lightning and so it was a dark and stormy night when Maria asked her uncle Earle to tell her a story and this is what he said “It was a dark and stormy night and I asked my uncle James to tell me a story and this is what he said “it was a dark and stormy night and I asked my uncle Michael to tell me a story and this is what he said “It was a dark and stormy night and-”""

    Maria stopped her uncle telling him that it was a boring story her uncle relented and had just about to tell a new story when a crash had sounded in the yard outside. They had assumed it was just the wind and continued the story about the girl who met the wolf in the woods on the way to her grandmother's house.

    The rain suddenly stopped, and both Maria and uncle Earle looked towards the window. In the light of the next flash of lightning they saw a dark figure silhouetted against the curtains. Maria hid behind her uncle. In the silence that followed they heard the creaking footsteps on the wooden porch and saw the doorknob start to turn but it was locked. They heard a growl from the other side of the door. Uncle Earle told Maria to hide in the attic and went to get his gun from the corner. Maria ran up the stairs into the dark and drafty attic. The door crashed open downstairs, Maria heard her uncles gun fire and then a scream. She hid behind the boxes against the attic wall. Footsteps. They padded down the hall, hesitated and then climbed up the stairs and went up into the attic. There was a sniffing sound, Maria glimpsed green eyes that glowed like a cats in the dark. The figure crept closer till Maria could smell its rank breath. She backed up against the wall as the figure tore aside the boxes with claws that were dripping in blood. Maria screamed.

    Maria’s parents came to pick her up two days later. The cottage was broken into and torn apart, all they could find of uncle Earle and little Maria were two bleached white skeletons, one in the main room and the other in the attic, lying on a floor stained with blood.
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