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Montie and Edward Part II

By Jess Reynolds · Jun 7, 2020 ·
  1. Montie and Edward Part II

    Chapter 2 (continued)

    Suddenly the old brass door knob rattled noisily, Montie almost suffering a split personality as Priscilla's huge assets mashed hard into his chest mingling with the terrifying prospect of being discovered.

    The heat in the cupboard was getting stifling. Again the door knob rattled and then another long silence....

    "Who's in there?" boomed Lady Entwhistle.

    Montie's hand scrabbled frantically for Priscilla's and squeezed it hard....

    "Must find Montie as soon as possible, damned sure there's someone in there" she boomed again. After a few moments the floor boards slowly quietened and the sound of her heavy footsteps gradually faded away until all was silent once more.

    Hoping she really had gone away Montie whispered "Do you think it's safe to leave yet?" as he was beginning to desperately wonder how much longer he could hold out before he took her into his arms risking losing her for ever.

    "Please wait Sir, I'll put my ear to the door." She whispered her hair brushing across his face as with some difficulty she started to turn around. My God thought Montie breathing in as hard as he could, I don't think I can take much more of this....

    "I can't hear anything Sir" she whispered and slowly unlocked the door. There wasn't a sound. She turned the door knob slowly and as daylight crept in her face became clearly visible as she quickly looked up and down the corridor.

    "All clear Sir come out ! Quickly !" she whispered at the same time pulling the key out of the lock and locking the door from the outside. Then holding the key tightly in one hand and Montie's in the other they ran up the narrow staircase and finally into to her small room.

    "My God how can I ever thank you my dear ! You were absolutely wonderful !" Montie exclaimed and sighing with relief leaned back against the door to wipe his brow. "Of course we absolutely must keep this awkward little episode entirely to ourselves for ever, and innocent as it all was I dread to think what might have happened if she had discovered us" he added dreading even more what Granny might have done when she found out later on.

    Then without realising what he was doing he gently lifted the back of her right hand to his lips and kissing it tenderly quietly murmured "thank you from the bottom of my heart my dear.... I shall forever be in your debt."

    "I quite understand Sir, I think it best we say nothing too" she murmured blushing furiously.

    "Worst of all" sighed Montie sadly "I've no idea how I am ever going to explain what's happened to Edward my greatest friend at all as I doubt even he will ever understand...."

    "Edward !! Oh my goodness Sir I'd completely forgotten about him ! I wonder why as it's so unlike me to.... ?" she gasped her hands flying to her mouth, her eyes wide "We have to think of something quickly...."

    There was a moment's silence as they stared at each other...

    For a brief second her eyes closed, frowning as if in deep concentration then with a sudden tinkling laugh as if she'd just heard some really funny joke she suddenly opened them, her eyes now twinkling merrily. Then sweeping her long blonde hair back over her shoulders she walked slowly and seductively over to a by now completely thunderstruck Montie.

    Stopping in front of him and putting her arms gently round his neck she looked adoringly up into his eyes, kissing him with so much fierce pent up passion it even surprised herself as if it had somehow been mysteriously buried somewhere for far too long.

    "Though you never knew it Montie my dearest Edward had always admired you very deeply and always will, and although you might not always have been the brightest you will always definitely be the finest of all. Because I now love you for who and what you are my dear, not for what you have."

    Then albeit very reluctantly she gently began pushing a completely bewildered, still uncomprehending but now hopelessly love struck Montie towards the door.

    "Edward ? What....is that....can this really be you ?" stuttered Montie in a haze so dense he hardly dare believe what might lie ahead.

    "Indeed it is Sir" she said laughing happily, "though you must understand of course that it must forever remain our closest secret and never ever mentioned again ! So do not worry yourself my dearest as I will explain everything to you once I am out of this quite ridiculous outfit later this afternoon. Until then would you like your midmorning coffee and "The Times" a little later today, shall we say 11.45 instead of 11.15 in your private study as usual...."?


    Quite invisible throughout all this high drama Grannie in one corner of the high ceiling above them gasped a huge sigh of relief the moment the door closed, chuckling merrily at the thought of telling all her ancestors what had happened and who would be just as thrilled as she was over their beloved ancestral home's permanent future.

    At last to be securely placed into the safest of all female hands possible, never having to ever face again the dreaded risk that it could all fall into the hands of her scheming younger sister's spendthrift brats for ever.

    The End


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