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Prologue Part Two

In the White Pearl's throne room, King Aldimus sits upon his gold throne upon a dais where he waits for the White Council. Next to him was Joan on his right hand and Dorlius on his left. Entering the room the White Council enters the room. Amongst them are Rayn the Fairy Queen and her advisor and assistant Trixie the pixie, Rumla and Bagheera the black panthers of Whispering Woods, Slaughtavious the Dragon King, Eldmar the Woodland Elf King, Dorm the Giant king of Giant Country, Toro the Bitaur chief, Rhodes the minotaur chief, and Heidi the satyr Queen. The Council makes a half circle in front of the dais where King Aldimus sits. As they commence with their meeting, young Evelyn Scarlet is curious on what was to be said. Staying low and quiet behind the throne room's red velvet curtains, Evelyn listens and watches.

As the council talked, Evelyn could not really hear much between them. The council seems to speak softly in a whisper, and kept their ears perked as they did not know whom all they could trust. Many who have come for the ball were once loyal members of the Demon King long ago before the treaty was made. Many creatures such as men, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and other creatures that prefer the dark lands. The meeting went on for a good hour, before they departed back for the garden, escorted by King Aldimus himself.

As soon as the council was no longer in sight, Evelyn steps out from behind the curtain and begins to head for the throne room's double doors.

"Seems we got a little spy amongst us." a voice giggles.

Evelyn turns around to see the small pixie fairy with pink spiked hair and butterfly like wings fluttering behind her. "I....um...wasn't spy. Not really." Evelyn stutters.

"Then what were you doing behind that curtain? Surely you weren't washing the windows in that gown?" the pixie questions.

"Fine, I was spying. But you have nothing to worry about. I could hear anything anyways." Evelyn huffs.

"Who are you? I don't think we've actually met." the pixie asks.

"Evelyn Scarlet." the teen girl replies.

"Lady Joan's daughter?" the pixie questions. "I would have never guessed. You don’t exactly resemble her you know."

"Who are you?" Evelyn kindly asks.

"I'm Trixie. Queen Rayn's advisor." the pixie states.

"I love your wings." Evelyn smiles.

"Thank you, milady. Each fairy pixie has their own unique pair of wings, much like a snowflake. No one pair is the same." Trixie giggles. "So I have heard that you're Dorlius' apprentice. Has he taught you any magic?"

"No, only a few potions has he taught me to make. He says magic isn't always the answer. Says it always comes with a price." Evelyn comments.

"Yes that may be true as far as wizard's magic, but a fairies' magic is all its own subject, as would magic of other creatures such as a leprechaun or gnome. Magical laws are different for each magical possessed creature or race." Trixie states.

"That's not mentioned in any books." Evelyn addresses.

"Read Magical Laws of Granderhill. That will explain most of what you may not know." Trixie suggests. "I am sure Master Dorlius has a copy in his library somewhere. It is something a wizard does not over look."

"I will have to address my master about it. I am sure you are right on such a subject. It will be a fascinating read for sure." Evelyn grins.

"But for now I suggest we head back out to the garden and join the others." Trixie flutters forward escorting Evelyn down the majestic halls of the White Pearl and out to the grand royal gardens.


Morning rises the next day, and young Evelyn awakes in her queen size bed. Stretching and yawning from an exhausted night, Evelyn slips out from under her covers, and stands to her feet upon the marble floor of her room.

Walking to the mirror she finds herself not so likable looking as she did last night. Her hair was all tangled and messed up, her eyes had bags under them and she looked like she just woke up from being dead. Scratching her side, the young teen walks over to her wardrobe, where she pulls out her trackers outfit. A red jacket with matching pants , and brown boots. Dressing out of her nightgown and into her trackers uniform, Evelyn washed her face in the water basin and pulled her hair back into a high ponytail. Once ready for the day, Evelyn exits her room, and into the lounge where her mother sits at a small round table where Lena the handmaid has set out breakfast for them to enjoy. The breakfast consist of eggs, toast and jams, milk, and fruit.

"Good morning mother." Evelyn sits down across from her mother and grabs a piece of toast from the serving plate.

"Morning my daughter." Joan smiles. "It is a day, and a day to be proud of."

"Why is that mother?" Evelyn asks.

"Because today is the day of an adventure." Joan looks out at the city of Tormanfrom the window.

"An adventure? Where are we going?" Evelyn asks with excitement in her voice.

"We, no my daughter. It is I who is going. You will remain here." Joan tells Evelyn looking deeply in her eyes. "I must travel with the king over to the Shadowlands, and convince those who did not show last night to stay true to the treaty."

"Why can I not come? I am just as skilled as any who adventures with you." Evelyn asks.

"Because you are still simply a child. It is no place for a girl to be at this time. Dangers are out there and we do not know what we will expect." Joan tells her daughter. "One day you will have your own adventures, but for now stay here and study. Knowledge is key when you are out beyond the city walls."

Joan stands to her feet kisses Evelyn on the forehead and walks over to where her sword leans against the wall in it's sheath. The Dame picks up her sword and straps it onto her belt and leaves the quarters.

Heading down to the first floor of the White Pearl, Joan finds herself approaching Joffery who wait for her at the castle's front doors. Together they exit the great white castle, and heads to the royal stables within the courtyard of the castle. Approaching the stables, Joan finds herself gazing at her king who was clad in gold armor sitting upon a white stallion, with several knights on horseback surrounds him.

Clacking up to Joan, the royal bard, approaches the Dame. "Good day Milady, I am Grady. I will be your ride today."

"It is a pleasure to meet such a noble steed. I am grateful to ride you my dear friend." Joan nods with a smile.

Walking around to the side of Grady, Joan mounts up onto the horse's back. As soon as Joan was mounted comfortably, Grady trots over next to King Aldimus where Joan looks over at her king and smiles.

"A voyage we will make my dear knight. One in which I hope will bring peace to my heart." Aldimus states to Joan.

"I am sure all will be well at the end, my king. Where do we make way to?" Joan asks.

"Normac's cavern. The home of Cave goblins will be our first destination." King Aldimus responds.

"The cave goblin king will not yeild to us my king. They already serve the Demon King." states the knight Hans. "We should make way for the Slithering Sisters. I feel we may have better luck on our side."

"I will not visit that place. I will not face my wife, as I know that no good will come of it." Aldimus snarls. We will go visit the Goblin King. That is my decision."

King Aldimus kicks his heels against the side of his horse and leads his men and Joan out of the courtyard and out of the city walls. Riding with a good pacing gallop they head east towards the Shadowlands.

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