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Jess A
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  • ohhh lucky you - i have my 2 hour drive to look forward to tomorrow :( but work is pretty sparse at the office currently so I will most probably be browsing through this awesome new site I just found ;) - there are some great thoughts here, and I get so happy whenever I see a private applause/pet-peeve of mine graciously displayed for my especial viewing pleasure :p

    And I am even more avariciously awaiting your comments :D

    enjoy your beer! and don't let any of the hailstones hail you up close and personal :p
    Oooh thanks!!! It was wonderful to chat with you too! I have posted 3 chapters in my portfolio... iffff you have the energy to read through them, I would be very grateful! Any comments are appreciated, and don't be afraid of taking it apart! That's exactly what I need :)
    I'll definitely let you know before my next visit to Western Australia. Thanks very much for the generous offer!:D
    Sorry for not doing a friend request earlier. Hope that all is well and that you're getting all the info you need to hone your fantasy writing skills! Hope to hear from you soon!
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