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  1. Fyri

    [Game] Co-writing

    Let's tell a story, all together! Rules? Hmmm. You get three words. Do whatever you like with them to add to the story. Finish a sentence, continue a sentence, start and end a sentence, end and start a sentence. I'm sure you've done things like this before. Try to stick to traditional...
  2. S.T. Ockenner

    Best D&D character ideas ever

    Cool D&D character idea: an unarmed, unarmored, Kobold wizard named Jimmy the Dismemberer, who has an intelligence score so low that he cannot cast spells.
  3. S.T. Ockenner


    This is a writing game of sorts- we'll each take turns fleshing out a monster, then I'll post it all in a portfolio when we're finished with the monster...then we can move on to the next. I'll start: (Name: Murgle) Murgles are tiny blue humanoids that live underwater. They have a countless...
  4. Dapqu

    Creating a world for new video game development, need advice.

    First and formal, How you guys doing, I am a new member of this amazing site. I am a college student that is working on a video game with a small team, we are building a world for our new game. the presentation of this world in the game will be something like Dark Souls (telling the story, the...
  5. Futhark

    Idea for fun game/challenge

    Hi all. So I have an idea based on Ban's 5 Word Challenge that I'd like to try, simply cause it was so much fun. Basically its a round robin story, where each entrant must follow on from the previous posts, with an eye to the overall continuity. The rules are simple. You can only use 5 words...
  6. P


    Hi, I've heard nice things about this site, so I finally decided to join. I aim to brush up my writing skills, write lots of awesome fantasy stories and make them into games and make friends along the way.
  7. Dangerous Worlds book 1

    Dangerous Worlds book 1

  8. Cover Image 'The Lost Legion' original commission

    Cover Image 'The Lost Legion' original commission

    The cover image for the next in the Dangerous Worlds Adventure Gamebook series; 'The Lost Legion'. Original commission (as with all interior artwork)
  9. Interior Artwork

    Interior Artwork

    Upcoming interior artwork for the latest of the 'Dangerous Worlds Adventure Gamebooks; 'The Lost Legion'
  10. Interior Artwork

    Interior Artwork

    For the upcoming Dangerous Worlds gamebook 'The Lost Legion'