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  1. S

    Suggestions on unfinished magical system involving music

    So I have a little problem about my magic system. It's actually my first time doing something like that but in summary: I was thinking of creating a system of magic in which sound (and music) was the greatest driving force and was so powerful that all organic and inorganic matter depended on it...
  2. ManinMauve

    The Man in Mauve has arrived

    My username is ManInMauve, as in a man in mauve. I've been dubbed as Manny, and Muuv. So, Manny or Muuv are acceptable (and loved) nicknames. You can also call me, Niall. (Yes, like the singer.) I'm an old fart. A crotchety old fart, but I still love to have fun even when I'm grumpy. (Sort of...
  3. A shadowy portifolio

    A shadowy portifolio

    EDIT: to protect myself form plagiarizers, I am no longer posting nearly as many stories here. Mostly short stories.Short stories about magic and Prince and bodaks. Definitely ridiculous. Possibly strange poems that I wrote with others. Rarely considered: sci fi and dark fantasy. Possible...
  4. Orc Knight

    A World of Song

    Another world building bit to be brought up by me, hopefully kind of interesting and maybe y'all will have a say too. Since Eld's stories are just a part of an ongoing world Narrative (yes, same as Discworld) there is also another part. Oral and singing used to and at times still does play a...
  5. My prized Vinci Alto Saxophone

    My prized Vinci Alto Saxophone

    This is my prized Vinci Alto Saxophone. Sax details; Brand-Vinci Model number-VSABL Features-Beautiful blue lacquer finish and a high F# key, metal resonators to improve vibration and resonance, stainless steel rods, springs, and screws, adjustable rubber bumpers, and French style key cup...