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  1. N

    Question for Arab writers!

    Hi! My question is: is it okay if I give my Oc an Arabic name even if they're not Arab? Her dad is not from Earth (my story is a fanasy one that takes place in Earth) and her mom is a phoenix (of course she has a human form) who is from Earth, but she as a individual has no human ethnicity, you...
  2. D

    Goddess for arthurian legends based fantasy world?

    Been planning a novel and I decided to base it on Arthurian legends which is fine there is enough content and different ways to tell the legend that can I do quite a lot with it. Problem is I need some Goddesses for my story, but after looking I couldn't really find any related to Arthurian...
  3. P.A. Trujillo

    Hawaiian names

    Does anyone have any hints or tips on the grammatical construction of Hawaiian names? I'm trying to use Hawaiian prefixes and suffixes to create my own names, but I don't want my words to sound inaccurate. Any help would be be appreciated.
  4. bob1thousand

    Is Aurdent (latin words for gold & tooth) a good name for a dragon?

    Is Aurdent (latin words for gold & tooth) a good name for a dragon?
  5. EarlTheRed

    Names for languages and witches/warlocks?

    In my world there is a language that only the spirits and some of the magic using mortals know, though anyone has the ability to learn it. This language automatically connects to the Spirit Realm, so it would probably be disastrous for a non-magic using mortal to try to speak it. Anyway, for now...
  6. Nessa Phoenix

    Naming a Magical World

    Hello! I'm new around here so I hope I'm doing this right. I have this story that I created for my nieces and nephews years ago. This story was born after I read them stories such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Worst Witch, Diskworld, A Wizard of Earthsea, The Chronicles...
  7. summondice

    Naming conventions for orphans (and others)

    As the title suggests, I'm curious how scribes here go about giving names to characters in their books, from a world-building perspective. Specifically, my book features 6 women who grew up together as orphans, and I'm mulling over what to do about second names for them. Names are important...
  8. J Q Kaiser

    Looking for a Good Pun based on Medieval Banking

    I am trying to come up with a good name for a banking firm in my epic fantasy parody story. So far the best I have is Trial by Balance. I feel like there must be better puns I am missing but my knowledge of old world banking being limited, I can't find them. And Googling medieval banking isn't...
  9. In The Black Map

    In The Black Map

    A map of the known world as taught by Dominion Schools. The world has no name other then world, as the Dominion wishes to standardize everything. Speaking with someone not from the dominion you'll receive a variety of colorful answers.