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novel draft

  1. BearBear

    Do you read your book out loud during editing?

    I saw this once and I do this for short stories and poems but... my novels are 120k words minimum. Reading it out loud is so painful to me. I'm not looking to publish them anyway, but do you do this?
  2. Maker of Things Not Kings

    A Little Writing Advice Appreciated

    Hey Scribes, I'm finding myself with a problem I can't seem to overcome on my own. If this is in your wheelhouse, some well rounded advice would be appreciated! I'm going to give you as much info as I can, so I apologize here if this run long. I'm currently working on three books. All three...
  3. Prologue: The Dead Dream v2

    Prologue: The Dead Dream v2

    In Reathen's dream, he was running in a forest and there were hordes of animals scrambling over each other in a mad rush to get away from what was behind them. Confused, Raethen waded through the throngs of frenzied animals, weaving with difficulty around giant trees, through the underbrush and...
  4. "The Birds of Corvus" Novel - Draft

    "The Birds of Corvus" Novel - Draft

    [ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR CRITIQUES! PLEASE READ THIS FORUM REQUEST!] The Birds of Corvus is a fantasy/fairytale-style novel. The story centers around the relationship between Asha, a mortal young woman and the daughter of the village herb witch, and Darrah, the Crow Lord and the most reclusive of...