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  1. Prologue: The Dead Dream v2

    Prologue: The Dead Dream v2

    In Reathen's dream, he was running in a forest and there were hordes of animals scrambling over each other in a mad rush to get away from what was behind them. Confused, Raethen waded through the throngs of frenzied animals, weaving with difficulty around giant trees, through the underbrush and...
  2. ESÛNE, and Those Who Call Her Home

    The Portal

    It is straining to fathom that beyond our homes, beyond the layers of precious gases that we inhale and exhale so liberally, beyond our space stations, beyond a moon that pushes and pulls at our oceans, that there is absolutely nothing. A whole expanse of nothing, so contradictory that it makes...
  3. The Sage's Lot - my completed novel

    The Sage's Lot - Prologue Pt3

    Again Xylin looked about the room, expecting at least one of the local drunkards to have spat out his ale at the spectacle, and yet on they drank, oblivious to a working of sagecraft greater than any Xylin had ever witnessed in all his years walking Rubeyah. This was insanity, yet there it was...
  4. The Sage's Lot - my completed novel

    The Sage's Lot - Prologue Pt2

    Xylin’s escape thereafter involved no more bloodshed, shifting to his insubstantial form to become almost invisible in the shadows and once again pass through those iron-barred gates like tobacco smoke escaping a gap-toothed smile. Now though, some tolls of the bell later, Xylin didn’t find...
  5. The Sage's Lot - my completed novel

    The Sage's Lot - Prologue Pt1

    Prologue Again he swallowed, and again the stinging ichor these westerners dared call wine made Xylin want to retch. Was he drunk? Surely not. One, two, three bottles wouldn’t do it. A little tipsy? Perhaps. But drunk? Never. Such foolishness was unthinkable, yet ever since reading those...
  6. R

    3 prologues, 1 story, 3 POV

    I'm writing a trilogy. The first book has a prologue which tells the backstory from hundreds of years ago. I'm thinking of adding prologues in the other two books where it tells a fuller backstory. The purpose will be to hint at what the rest of the book is about, essentially filling in gaps...
  7. Laurence

    When Does a First Chapter Become a Prologue?

    My entire story is in chronological order but my first chapter could currently be set anywhere from 1 to 15 years before chapter 2. At what point along the timeline would you class this first chapter a prologue and if there’re other criteria for it being a prologue then what are they? The...