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The Portal

This entry is in the series "ESÛNE"
It is straining to fathom that beyond our homes, beyond the layers of precious gases that we inhale and exhale so liberally, beyond our space stations, beyond a moon that pushes and pulls at our oceans, that there is absolutely nothing. A whole expanse of nothing, so contradictory that it makes your three-dimensional brain flip-flop. So much of that nothing, that it must be something, but still nothing.

In fact, it is infinite nothing. Only your adventurous mind, dear wanderer, can imagine the concept. Isn't it marvelous that you, a small, tired creature, living in a rat-race of organized chaos; dreaming of luxury, rest, fame, happiness; studying for the next exam and passing pieces of paper around so you can eat; can recognize the endless Universe? That it surrounds you, an ant on a water spaceship, and you can imagine its vastness all within your brain, a squishy ball no bigger than both your fists put together!

Indeed, it is terrifyingly empty beyond our home. But sometimes, there are high concentrations of somethingness in the endless nothingness. You and I sit upon one now, and many dance among us in perfect pirouettes. We call our spaceship through the cosmos Gaia, Earth, and most importantly, home. And we should remember that she is our only home.

Now, when you visit Esûne, it should not take you long to get there in your adventuring form. Should you plan to visit with your Earth form... That might take a couple thousand light years longer.

Luckily for us, we have a portal. Hold onto your britches, because like the blink of an eye, we will take a shortcut through the cosmos.
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