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ESÛNE, and Those Who Call Her Home

  1. Portfolio Description

    This is a draft of A.M. Krupskaya's novel ESÛNE, and Those Who Call Her Home.

    Beyond the darkest voids betwixt our known stars, another blue orb pirouettes around a proud star. Here, this planet is called Esûne. Many creatures call her home: Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, Humans, as well an endless list of flora and fauna.

    Follow multiple kingdoms and a cast of unique characters through their journey of climate crisis. Esûne waits patiently for your arrival.

    With tones of environmentalism, spiritual questing, episodic drama, and classic high fantasy, ESÛNE is a story that asks: what do we do when our world is threatened by greed? From ancient protectors to cousins of the destructors, the children of Esûne find they must unite to save the planet they call home.

    About Author

    Alicia Krupskaya, BFA, is a filmmaker, author, and artist residing in Milwaukee, WI.