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science fantasy

  1. Eduardo Ficaria

    Tell me what you think about this cyberpunkish setting

    After a long hiatus and some good rethinking, I think I finally got the basic setting I needed for writing epic cyberpunk/scifi stories with a dash of dark fantasy vibe. Find it in narrated form after this introduction and let me know what you think of it with your comments! Myrias aberrant It...
  2. S

    Forward Thinking ideas for my novel

    I finished my novel but i dont really see it standing out enough and I would love to get some ideas on forward thinking in the fantasy/scifi novel or other ideas that are different but attention grabbing? (structure for example) Below is a quick rundown of my book The Infiniverse is a...
  3. M Corbett

    Advice for approaching scientists for help with research

    I am referencing some pretty cutting edge microbiology and neuroscience in my book but I’m not a scientist myself. Does anyone have any tips for approaching the researchers who authored the papers I’m using? I want to do this respectfully, with reasonable expectations of them.
  4. Eduardo Ficaria

    What do you think about this world building?

    I've written a sort of narrated summary of my setting, in which I've tried to condense the essential major themes, plots and players present in it. The idea is to use this as my "guiding star", beyond all the research I've already done, to which I can always come back to when I get "lost" while...
  5. ClearDragon

    Types and names of futuristic weapons?

    So I'm trying to come up with a full set of weapons for my super advanced space empire. I have an idea for a standard armament. Like handgun, shotgun, rifle, sniper rifle, assault rifle. The thing is there all going to be directed energy weapons, so the term "rifle" doesn't really fit. Also...
  6. Eduardo Ficaria

    Video essay about what is speculative fiction

    I came across a youtube video essay about what is speculative fiction and it's relationship with science fiction, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you here. Check the link below. Book Odissey channel: Science fiction vs speculative fiction. It also goes into giving concrete...
  7. I

    Casting Fire from Food

    So, according to some Pignite's Pokedex entries, it has the ability to convert the food it eats into the energy necessary to create fire internally (Fennekin is very similar, but it eats twigs and sticks instead of actual food). I'm currently designing a tribe of mages with the ability to...
  8. S.T. Ockenner

    What fantastical creatures are in your world (s)?

    What array of creatures are in your world? Are there any unique ones, or mostly traditional? What kinds of beasts? What kinds of beings? What kinds of spirits? Are there any special quirks/differences you give your creatures? Are wizards their own species, or just anyone who can use wizardry, or...
  9. A

    A World with a Planetary Ring

    So, I'm writing a story about a world that once had three moons, but one was destroyed as a result of a battle between an alliance of the realm's races and a dracolich made out of thousands of corpses (makes more sense in context, honestly). I was planning on the event causing a nuclear winter...
  10. A shadowy portifolio

    A shadowy portifolio

    EDIT: to protect myself form plagiarizers, I am no longer posting nearly as many stories here. Mostly short stories.Short stories about magic and Prince and bodaks. Definitely ridiculous. Possibly strange poems that I wrote with others. Rarely considered: sci fi and dark fantasy. Possible...
  11. Momtoast

    Enclosed Bio Systems (think biodome?)

    Ok, so maybe this is more sci-fi than fantasy, but I was hoping you would all brainstorm with me anyway. I have a plan for a novel where everyone lives in floating cities. Each city would basically be an enclosed ecosystem, possibly cycling in things from the atmosphere around them but that...
  12. M

    Which of these would be the HARDEST to do?

    I’m writing a Star Wars story. Can I have your opinion on which of these would be the hardest to do in science? Choose what do you think is the hardest to do based on existing science and your limited knowledge of Star Wars science. I will provide links for stuff you are unfamiliar with. 1.)...
  13. ESÛNE, and Those Who Call Her Home

    1. The Eve of the Finolian Era

    A brown owl perched in an ancient tree swiveled its head in a complete rotation towards the center of the forest. Pupils expanded like hungry black holes - something was happening in that unassuming area, but what? Not a thing could be seen or heard, even with hyper senses. Yet, a cowl of...
  14. ESÛNE, and Those Who Call Her Home

    ESÛNE, and Those Who Call Her Home

    This is a draft of A.M. Krupskaya's novel ESÛNE, and Those Who Call Her Home. Beyond the darkest voids betwixt our known stars, another blue orb pirouettes around a proud star. Here, this planet is called Esûne. Many creatures call her home: Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, Humans, as well an endless...