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sci fi

  1. Redfrogcrab

    Ask me about: Space stuff

    Hi yall, I got a special interest in space flight and space in general, so I may be able to answer any questions about the following: Spaceflight Orbits Planets, moons, stars and other objects in space Space craft design and technologies Rocketry concepts Alien design, both sapient and non...
  2. Orc Knight

    Saints of the Streets

    This is a recent concept for me, though it comes on the tail of me re-writing one of my first and earliest stories that I thought might have some potential. So, obviously the world setting is Earth many years in the future and heavy on cybertech and biotech and all sorts of other things (clones...
  3. M

    Which of these is better than hyperdrive for intergalactic travel?

    I’m trying to write a Star Wars story about someone who figures out a way to travel FTL between galaxies. Hyperspace doesn’t work in the Intergalactic Void, and there is a hyperspace disturbance at the edge of the galaxy blocking travel anyway. I was trying to think of an alternative method of...
  4. S.T. Ockenner

    Inspirational and interesting videos (speculation/speculative fiction related only!)

    Here's my example. It's a fascinating video, and you'd be surprised about how soon life on Earth ends.
  5. Momtoast

    Enclosed Bio Systems (think biodome?)

    Ok, so maybe this is more sci-fi than fantasy, but I was hoping you would all brainstorm with me anyway. I have a plan for a novel where everyone lives in floating cities. Each city would basically be an enclosed ecosystem, possibly cycling in things from the atmosphere around them but that...
  6. M

    Does anybody know of an online blog that talks about hypothetical future technology?

    I’m looking for an online amateur blog that updates frequently (once a month at least) with a future sci fi novum. I already watch Isaac Arthur and I’m looking for something I can read.
  7. M

    Tech levels for my sci fi world?

    I’m making tech levels for my sci fi world. It starts with the Post-Information Age, which is around (2030-2050) Next is the Fusion Age (2050-2100) Next is the Nano Age (2100-2150) Next is the Age of Ascendence (2150-2200) Finally we have the Omnipotent Age (2200+) For each age I need an...
  8. Wansome

    What's your strangest habitat for humans?

    Hi there, fellow worldbuilders! As a worldbuilder, I really enjoy creating special living environments for the humans, but those bring some issues with them. For example, when humans live in a bottle on the ocean floor, how do they get oxygen? Well, every ten years (it takes on average twenty...
  9. Bear

    Have some book videos for two older stories I wrote

    Extinction Chronicles A Breath Before Sunrise The stories are available at various online places. I personally prefer the iBooks versions. The videos are just a marketing tool. They actually ended up being better than I thought,