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  1. J

    Please give me advice on my action adventure supernatural horror novel

    What do you think of my action adventure supernatural horror story novel? This story will be about a supernatural medieval German prince who is a great warrior as a knight. As a knight, he was one of the best martial artists and individual warriors for his time. He is an expert in a form of...
  2. P

    Basic Question, need help!

    hello all, my name is Patrick jo, as you can see i am new on this platform, actually i've been searching for this kind of website before, to help me get an inspiration for my story. So the Idea for my writing is called Saint Michaelus, its an order created in medieval europe to terminate...
  3. Lou Bill

    Help with my Magic System

    This system has light and dark magic, with dark magic accessible to anyone, and light magic only to fairybloods. Magic is connected with a kind of physic force, electromagnetic fields, and certain individuals (i guess with more fairy blood) are more powerful. Objects like crystals and wands help...
  4. Cover Art for "Deadborn"

    Cover Art for "Deadborn"

    Cover art designed for the supernatural fiction novel "Deadborn". I co-authored this book with a friend and designed the cover art. It is available through Amazon and Kindle if interested.