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  1. H

    How can I further develop the universe of this medieval romance fantasy novel of mine?

    I want you to help me with the worldbuilding of this medieval romance fantasy novel of mine. What do you think of this medieval romance fantasy novel of mine? This is about a warrior princess who rules a whole medieval country while waging wars against wicked humans and demonic forces that try...
  2. Cool-Beans

    Anti Semitism & pro semitism in literature

    Hi guys. Towards the end of the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ there is a piece of dialogue between the kids and one of the adults saying that the Jewish people have only helped advance any society / culture they’ve been a part of. Although when I was reading this entry in the novel it almost...
  3. R

    Defining War

    so, not as deep as the title makes it sound, but if one person with one weapon utterly decimated a kingdom over the course of several months, would it still be considered a war? Google was no help so i'm looking for more answers. And its just one person and a weapon, vs an entire kingdom of...
  4. Ž.J.

    Rise and Fall of Empires

    Hi guys! I would love to hear what ideas you have on the concept of Empires. When do empires reach their zenith, when do they fall, how they fall etc. Of course first of all in order to begin our discussion I think we need to define what an empire is. In my opinion the shorter way we could...
  5. Samantha England

    How Does One Plot A War?

    I have a war that's referenced fairly often in the fantasy series that I am currently writing, as it's the main influence of events that happen in the series, and I need some help with fleshing it out in greater detail for my personal reference. I have no idea how to plan a war or write one...
  6. Thanmir War - Gold Title

    Thanmir War - Gold Title

    Gold Title
  7. Thanmir War - Metallic Green Title

    Thanmir War - Metallic Green Title

    Metallic Green Title
  8. Thanmir War Base Cover Image

    Thanmir War Base Cover Image

    First version of base cover image for Thanmir War
  9. 1776 Dress

    1776 Dress

    Striped drapery fabric and silk. All hand-made, even the hat, which is completely hand-sewn.