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5 Truths and 1 Lie About Me, a New Member


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Hello fellow fantasy nerds! Have I found my new home? I certainly hope so!

It's very nice to make your acquaintance. I've (once again) decided that I am making a big effort to get back into creative writing. I used to write all the time, but between fatherhood, marriage, and a career, my hobbies really took a back seat in life. I genuinely miss writing and whenever I do any writing at all in a day, even a 100-word story, I feel happier.

Before I start off getting into my 5 Truths and 1 Lie (and how about that clickbait eh? I try to stand out and have something of a need for showmanship, sorry!) I'll tell you a little bit about myself - and yes it's true.

I'm a father living in California and I work in the video game industry. Yes, it's awesome and yes it's also very hard (but rewarding). I have a wife and a son. My boy is my whole world and he's turning four years old soon. I'm a gamer at heart who loves to read fantasy and sci-fi books. I read every night and have since I was in fifth grade. My favorite author is Brandon Sanderson who could literally go rewrite the phone book and I'd probably happily review it as the best phone book ever written. My dad got me into the fantasy genre when I was a kid and my first set of books read was the Dragonlance series (the first six) which really changed my world. I'm also a HUUUUGE Star Trek and Star Wars fanatic. And yes the order of those things is correct.

My initial goal is to write a book. Not a good book, not a great book. Just a book. I don't even care if it's semi-coherent drunken mess, I just want to get my first book out there and done. Then another. After two or three, then I want to focus on making a good one. I hope that goal makes sense you, dear reader who has made it this far (THANK YOU!). If it doesn't I'll explain again later one day when we e-meet for coffee sometime.

My goals for this site are really to engage in exercises that get me writing again regularly and have fun doing it. I'd also love to read and critique work! Anything I can do to engage with writing exercises as well as make some new friends would be absolutely magical to me.

Okay 5 Truths and 1 Lie time. Note that I used a random number generator to place the lie in this list!
  • I have been on The Price is Right, twice.
  • My ukulele teacher was none other than Tom Morey, inventor of the boogie board.
  • I once placed in the Top 1000 players in the Americas region one month in the video game Hearthstone.
  • I have an NPC in World of Warcraft.
  • I once appeared as a 'featured extra' (I had 2 lines) on the daytime soap, Days of our Lives
  • I am allergic to chocolate.


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Howdy Dawbreaker, Welcome here.

I think secretly, they are all lies :)

1) I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane (well, actually a rickety old airplane).
2) I don't like chocolate
3) I drink too much coffee
4) Finch agreed to go on a date with me :)
5) I was a 60 gunner, and carried the 'pig' like Rambo...ammo chains and all
6) I've been to every state except Alaska.

Okay...I'll pick the chocolate one. The others seem entertainment oriented and you do live in CA.


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Article Team
Welcome aboard. I'm betting your lie is the chocolate one. As for me:

1) I can speak with wolverines, but only non-verbally.
2) I am composed of star dust.
3) I have a device in my home that can summon water.
4) Every book I have read has been read by me.
5) There's a bottle of cognac in my home.
6) I can roller skate.
Aren’t we all composed of stardust.

Ban’s lie has to be cognac.

Here is my half arsed attempt:

1. I own a SIGNED 1972 edition of The Hobbit.
2. I can make one cell multiply to make two trillion cells…with my own body.
3. I have climbed the highest mountain in England.
4. I can roller-skate.
5. I am a witch
6. I am part Austrian, Irish, Scottish and Welsh.
Correct! I have some calvados, but no cognac. As for you, I don't think you have Austrian ancestry.
I knew it! I mean it was an educated / lucky guess but still…

As for me? I did indeed have my very own oma. She grew up in the alpine town of Villach, ate black bread and listened to yodelling records.

As for my other grandmother, she was as Irish as they come. Would have a nightcap of whisky every single night with a cigarette or two or three as the chaser. She lived well into her eighties, though I know not how.

As for the OP, I’m going to go for the ukulele one.


Troglodytic Trouvère
Article Team
PS I like that you did not refute my claims of witchcraftery 🧙‍♀️
Eh, just assumed you were wiccan or some related tradition. I don't believe you can shoot fireballs if we're talking about a more D&D style of witchcraft :p
I don’t go in for tying myself to any organised belief system, Wiccan included. I’m just your general witch who has an extensive knowledge of growing and harvesting plants, herbs and flowers, and who believes in nature and all its wonders and mysteries…and shooting fireballs.


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In fact i once drove with my dad all the way to CA and back. Took a northern route up and a southern route back. Been to many states since. Not to alaska but soon….


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I think you are both lying about roller skating.

And yes, the fireballs hurt.
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I don’t go in for tying myself to any organised belief system, Wiccan included. I’m just your general witch who has an extensive knowledge of growing and harvesting plants, herbs and flowers, and who believes in nature and all its wonders and mysteries…and shooting fireballs.
More of a Granny Weatherwax Headologist?
For my 5:
I met my first dead person 3.5 hours into my first permanent job;
my wife heads a national non profit organisation;
my favourite cheese is named after a trade wind;
my direct ancestors fought off the vikings;
my favourite sports car is the lotus esprit


Myth Weaver
No one likes the esprit best.

(Oh, and not that anyone really cares, but I dont like coffee.)