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My name on here is Newtofantasy--and that's no lie!

I joined Mythic Scribes 5 months ago because Sheila praised it. And I know she was right. But at the time, I was trying to put out a rewrite--total: title, cover, edit--of my historical novel, and that was taking a lot of my time. I self-published.

Now however I'm back to my "Comic Fantasy" or spoof of things I find irritating and using fantasy as my vehicle. And wait, wait, please--I don't use it as either a soapbox nor am I pedantic--or at least I hope not! At any rate, I'm trying not to be.

I came back because I truly could use your help. Besides being a total novice at fantasy (I admit I've never read much) but I'm enjoying my first trip into it. Only I do have several problems that are taking away my confidence in my spoof: mainly, I'm using it to stick a pin in what I consider the over-egotistical beliefs taught in Brotherhoods and Secret Societies. Mainly that belonging to any such group can encourage a mindset that fosters belief in the superiority of the group and strong secret contempt for anyone outside of it. Even to being above the law. The present U.S "Secret" Service scandal comes to mind. As does one of a more or less "secret" part of a well-known brotherhood that dealt in underage prostitutes illegally being brought into the US--it's not a secret any more although to my knowledge there have never been any prosecutions.

But I do not touch any of that. Just use some of their own words in their/my rituals.

To that end I use actual rituals that are mainly unrecognizable except to insiders of certain groups, but are really ripped up! And I hope funny for the rest of us. I use acronyms, puns, proper names that have other meanings (sorry I'm not so educated that I know the term for that), etc.

I have truly been threatened with being "crushed" and my "career" ruined if I dare to continue with my fantasy. Like--right! I'm gonna stop now!! The threat came from a guy who hasn't even completed the First Degree of his Brotherhood, but has friends in powerful places in his state. I told my cousin about it and he's a high degree and he just laughed: Banned in Tennesee!

And yes, I know controversy sells. But I truly don't want to lead the proverbial horse by writing rituals that will mainly bore people to death. Rituals can do that!

I also realize that by posting this, I may be stepping on some of the forum's toes. But I need all opinions, so I'd like to be able to post a preview of one ritual and get your opinions. Is that possible? In a way, it's unfair to myself since so much of the fantasy isn't rituals.

The title is "THE TEMPLER PLOT" and note the spelling of Templ-e-r. It's not a typo but an entirely fantastical group of men in no way shadowing the Templ-a-rs. In fact, I stole from Apollonius of Rhodes' Isle of Lemnos for the base of my plot. Long before the present Templars. Or even the past ones of the Crusades.

This is a long post. I hope someone will have interest enough to answer. I really want a beta reader, but I kinda hesitate to ask--although there're some academic gentlemen on here that I think would recognize a lot of it. And ladies also are welcome to volunteer--very welcome.

My gratitude to all of you who read this.
Renee Goudeau


I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I am intrigued with your idea. I'd be happy to be it for you. Is it posted in the Showcase forum or somewhere I can access?