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A glimpse of KRHolbrook's world


Uh, yeah. I live in a strange world with sometimes strange creatures. One of these creatures is the Bak'toroug. It was initially going to be an experimental creature for the book I was working on, however the book's been changed since then. I'll find a home for him eventually.


That's its dormant pose. When its eyes are white, they're closed, when they're black, they're open. It stays as still as a statue until the scent in the air changes and awakens it. When its head goes back to the normal position in front of his body, the bones fold down over his ribcage as protection. Essentially, in this picture, its head is resting against its backside, upside down. The black along its ribcage and stomach is a tar-like substance.

I drew him back in 2008.


This is really different, but a concept I could see becoming terrifyingly real in a fantasy world. I like the blend of different animal characteristics. My only question is... where are the arms? Those pointy things? Unless they are that way on purpose, I would think they ahould be a bit longer. :D