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A Short Introduction of a Short Man

Hello there fellow Disciples of the Internet. I have travelled far and wide to and found these forums from the soothsayer named Google. I am a young(ish) writer who dreams up ideas every day, either building on the fantasy realm in my head or a completely new idea that is outside of the box.
The problem, that will probably be solved from these forums, is that I struggle to knuckle down and write stories from my ideas, I've always been interested in writing but suffer from Long Term Writer's Block as well as Life and Work getting in the way like a stubborn Orc holding onto your leg. I've only read a few articles here, and it's already given me motivation and helped me put together some draft sentences. I hope to compile some more together and maybe have some up for critique here in the coming days (or weeks, knowing me :p)

Mark Stanley

Hello! :) Good to see some one having similar problems to my own, I always come up with ideas yet never fully put them down as a story for interest wearing off, not knowing what to write and how to develop it or another idea just takes over. I hope to solve these little problems soon too in the near future!