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Advice On Changing Perspectives

I am currently trying to change the perspective of my story, from a small girl to a thief waking up from a coma. They do not know about each other but they will. I shall wait for my quandary to be answered...
Could you arrange for these characters to have a parallel narrative or a brief chance encounter? I don't know all the setting details in your WIP, so just as an example I think would transition well to different character POV perspectives might go something like this:

Little girl is brought to a hospital for minor injury and recovery, or illness, and is admitted across the hall from the thief. The doors are left open most of the time. Voice of the girl carries through hospital to the thief. Who, in his unconscious state, hears the girl's voice. Maybe the only thing distinguishing out of the din of monotonous background noises.
Through the transition of who is speaking, (the Girl) to who is hearing (the thief), the POV can begin to change. Maybe the thief is comatose, but his brain is becoming active. The girl's voice is the first thing that he experiences in a long while, even if he can't physically react to it. Maybe there's something she says, or a brief joyful laugh, that really makes an impression on him. He can't see her at all, she doesn't know about him, but he might feel drawn back to life by the sound.

That way, the characters can diverge to meet again later in the story after she leaves the hospital, and if they met up there would be a method or reason to reconnect. Maybe the thief wants to thank her for helping him awake. It also works with modern brain studies suggesting people can receive audio stimulus while comatose and otherwise unresponsive.
Thank you for the advice, I had forgotten to mention that the house that the girl was in was destroyed because the floating island they are both on crashed onto the planet. The girl had activated a teleporter right before the island fell, so I could just have her teleported to the village where the hospital is located and establish the connection to the village and the girl.