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Amazon countdown deal - gaspar the thief

US : Amazon.com: Gaspar The Thief eBook: David A. Lindsay, Arman Zhenikeyev: Kindle Store
UK : Gaspar The Thief eBook: David A. Lindsay, Arman Zhenikeyev: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store


The fantasy novel, Gaspar The Thief, is currently available as an Amazon Countdown deal in the US and UK, probably for the very last time. It is reduced from $3.49 to 99c initially, rising back to the original price over the next few days.

It has good reviews on Amazon US and UK with an average of 4+ stars on each. It's prequel novella, Gaspar And The Fantasical Hats, is currently free and has a total of 60 Amazon reviews, again with a 4+ star rating in the US and UK.

"There's the humour of Pratchett and a bit of Lieber's Mouser in Gaspar. Having read just about every author in the field, I don't have a lot of patience with authors who sacrifice good tight story telling with over worded thinly veiled preaching about the author's particular religious or political views. This is why I found Lindsay refreshing as it reminded me of pure story tellers like Lieber and Howard."

"Gaspar the Thief has everything you want in a good fantasy - an intricate plot, wizards and magic, and a series of adventures taking place against the backdrop of a beautifully-drawn ancient world. David A Lindsay writes in an eloquent style making it a pleasure to read and lending the story an epic Tolkien-esque quality. I couldn't put my Kindle down until I had finished Gaspar the Thief. Highly recommended to all fantasy fans."