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The Untold Prophecy released on Amazon

R. R. Hunter

Thank you very much. I was really sweating there at the end. I didn't think I would get the pre-release jitters, but it was pretty nerve-wracking. Released the eBook first, and I'm still waiting on printed proof copies.
I copied my Google Doc over into Word to get the formatting done, but several of my paragraphs lost their indent after pasting. Had to go through line by line. Twice. And I somehow managed to miss one on the 2nd page. Luckily hadnt had any purchases (just page reads), so I was able to fix it.
Ugh! Not sure if my nerves will ever be back to normal lol


Myth Weaver
I am not in a place to take feedback now. I am waiting on an editor to get back to me on one, and self editing on another, and getting ready for publication. So, my energy is spent.

So...dont worry about. Pay it forward instead.