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Another question of quality: self-pub.


Felis amatus
Personally, I do my own buying almost entirely through browsing, whether in the bookstore or online. I'll just go through the genre categories I'm interested in at any given time. I prefer that, though I have also at times purchased a book that hit my G+ stream when it looked really interesting.


Myth Weaver
It's a search page, Brian. While I doubt it's anywhere near as front loaded as Google's search results, it's well demonstrated that searches are HEAVILY weighted toward the first page or two of results.

A comment from David Gaughran on the subject: "All of these categories and lists are reader discovery tools. Many readers browse through these lists looking for books to buy. Placement on these lists can drive a lot of sales. For example, Let’s Get Digital was at or near the top of its “genre” list for months in both the UK and the US, which really boosted sales."


I'm not disputing that being in the Top 10 for your genre boosts sales. My question is, "How much?"