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Another term for Squad

I am trying to figure out what to call a "squad" of orcs. My (Orc) character is rallying up his orcs that he uses in his "squad" of about 5-6. I am thinking of calling them war bands but to me that implies a larger number than I want. Any ideas?


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A lot of terms would be linked/limited to the technology and organisation.
Platoon is a bit big for 5-6, Fire-team is a bit modern - may be.
Gang, String, Fist, Hand and Side are all "older" terms but something like Posse, Mates, Buggers might suit in some stories...


You could also call them a "death team" or "strike team." Another idea is to name them after the particular weapon or armor that they use, like calling them a Sword, or a Spear, to emphasize the unity.


Myth Weaver




hand (number of fingers = number of orcs)

In my work, as I'm using old line roman terms, I sometimes use 'maniple'.


"band" of orcs maybe?

I think that would work quite well, not as derogatory as a term like Gang, and much more fitting than a term like team
I don't want to use the word platoon or anything that would make them sound very organized. Lets just say my orcs aren't the brightest of the bunch.

Vildar, as I mentioned earlier I was thinking war-band but maybe band would work as well. I was also thinking about using the term pack. My Orcs are very shamanistic and have a close bond with nature and animals.


Just my opinion but war band sounds larger and more regimented, especially now you mention they are not particularly bright , I would keep it simple though and would lean to using the term "band" however something like "rabble" of orcs would also sound good.


If you're reserving warband for larger groups then I'd recommend going with "fist".

I am Mugog and this is my fist of battle brothers, we are Uligogog's warband.


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...my mind read that as "man nipple" at first. Interesting... connotations of uselessness? XDDD

No necessarily. I mean a man-nipple of orcs could be like two orcs because men have two nipples. There could be variations like dog-nipple for like eight orcs ...etc. :eek: Ok, I'll just shut up on this now.

But seriously, just make something up. Fantasy world, fantasy army, fantasy names are perfectly fine. I mean squad, unit, team... bah boring. Find something cool, Fist, Hammer, Spear,... etc