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Anybody doing NanoWrimo?


I'm going to try to do nanowrimo, hopefully it will give me the discipline I need to actually finish something. I was wondering if anybody on here is participating?

I plan on coming up with an elaborate outline as well as try to flesh out my characters as much as I can. I'm usually a pantser but I wan't to try something different.
I've done the July and November 2017 NaNo, and I did the April and July ones for this year. I have plans for the book I will write for this year's November one. I almost always plan things, but things always change when I actually write.


toujours gai, archie
I'm not doing it this November, but I absolutely encourage you to give it a go. Don't get fixated on the word count. Just write every day. Every day, without fail, no matter how little, no matter how you feel, no matter what life throws at you.

I did a Nano (the June one) when I was first getting serious. Sitting down and writing for thirty consecutive days was great for inculcating a work habit.
I haven't decided yet, but I should decide soon. I'm working on a detailed outline, and if I can push myself to finish it before November, that'd position me pretty well to begin the first draft.


Myth Weaver
Most of my longer tales - and a couple of the shorter ones - were written, or at least started, during NaNo.

I probably will participate this time around; got a couple of novella length stories knocking around in my head. Be a break from the apparently endless rewrite of the WIP.


toujours gai, archie
You should be doing this the other eleven months out of the year, as well.
Yup. But the beginner has to create the habit. I was already in the habit of writing every day, but the writing was terribly fragmented--stolen moments at work, plus random evenings. That Camp Nano was my first effort (being newly retired at the time) at writing a sustained narrative day after day. That was valuable for me.


I'm very tempted but got a lot on the go already. I'd highly recommend. Nanowrimo is the reason my first novel was finally written and subsequently helped start the next 2! It's brilliant for encouragement and learning.


I'm thinking of giving it another go. Right now in my schedule I have an hour every weekday where I can't do anything but sit and wait outside my son's school. (Literally, I can't leave the premises, but I can't go into the building either. I can either sit in my car or their uncomfortable lobby.) So I'm planning to make that a dedicated writing hour. It might actually help me get something done!


Article Team
I want to. I really, really do. But I might not make it if my WIP isn't finished by then. It's my hope that it will be so I can start a new novel and actually finish it on time instead of taking almost an entire year. Finishing NaNo would be a huge help for me this year.

Miles Lacey

I've just been told that I will be kicked out of my house at the end of the week because it is being demolished so I will be spending the next two months in a caravan with no Internet (yikes), no phone (yay) and no TV (Oh the humanity!). Plenty of time to write my opus magnum in November during Nanowrimo.


this is gonna be a my first novel after all these years. i barely worte anything before that. mostly scripts. i wish all of you luck.

A. E. Lowan

Forum Mom
I suck at NaNo, always have. I can write every day all year, and usually do, but something about NaNo freezes me up. So, probably just going to close my eyes and ignore November this year, since I'm in the throws of writing a third book. My wife and writing partner, on the other hand, will be attempting a NaNo novel, as will my other writing partner.
I think I probably will do NaNo, but without much care whether I meet the word counts each day. I can become too obsessed on the one thing, word count, and fail to take into consideration what I'm really trying to accomplish with whatever bit I'm trying to write. At least, this happened last time.