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Anybody here speak Welsh?


I'm writing a character known as the Rose of Fire or the Flaming Rose, except that sounds really hokey to me, so I thought, hey why not make it Welsh? The story takes place in the Wales area some time ago. Google tells me it should be Rhosyn o Dân. Correct? Did I capitalize correctly for use as a proper name? Other options? Thanks!


Only a little...

Rhosyn am Ufel - Rh (as in Rhodes) Rh-o-sin am oo-vel

Rhosyn Ffaglog - Rho-sin fa-g-log

Rhosyn Fflamllyd - Rho-sin flam-thl-ee-d (the 'll' is difficult to describe. Tongue in the position of an L sound, and kind of hiss).

(I only learned enough welsh to get me through a GCSE, means I wouldn't know which suggestion to actually use).

or even perhaps 'Burning rose' = rhosyn llosgi - rh-o-sin thl-oss-g-ee
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Wow, thanks guys! And thanks Butterfly for pronunciation. I only know how to pronounce the double L from "Llangollen", because of a B&B my mom and I stayed in Bath 10 years ago and the host bragged he knew how to pronounce it :p Otherwise I'd be Youtubing about now. Heck I'll still probably Youtube it now that I know what to look for. I love listening to people speak other languages!!!