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Be My Critique Partner!

Ray M.

Hi, I'm a fan of the fantasy genre, especially traditional fantasy, and have plans to write a number of stories on a universe that I've created, which may evolve into a book. I have been exercising my writing muscles, so to speak, for a few years now, and I wish to make it my profession. I take my work seriously, and yours as well, if we partner up. The main problem I'm facing is the solitude, which is abyssal at times, and has brought me here.

I'm looking for a like-minded critique partner that:

- has an ambition for getting published in the fantasy genre
- takes their work seriously and has a desire/is reasonably able to improve and work on their shortcomings
- likes to analyze their performance and mine and brainstorm for plot ideas for both stories
- can act as a sounding board for my ideas on both plot and universe details (and I will reciprocate, of course)

What I can offer you in return:

- constructive criticism in my critique: I will praise that which I like, and suggest other ways to handle things which I do not. I'm an idea cannon, try me
- clear insight. I can point out the obvious and the not so obvious. I look at writing (all writing, mine, yours, or somebody else's) with a pragmatic point of view and I favor realism and tightness in plots and will help you stir your story towards that.
- honesty. I try not to be brutal, as I don't see how it helps; but I will be objective. My criticism is up for intelligent debate

If you like developing your ideas through discussion and brainstorm, then I might be just right for you!


This is actually what I was looking for! I usually have problems with sizing up my own work, I see it as my baby; but when it comes to critiquing the work of others I am realistic, honest and objective. I don't mind any type of fantasy, although I am mostly on the line of epic, high and low fantasy. Sci-fi I love, but I don't have enough knowledge upon. If you are interested, we could share some thoughts and ideas!


Would you guys be interested in forming a writing circle -- erm, triangle? I'd love get involved too.

Ray M.

Hey, Reilith and Ben, thanks for replying. I would be interested in a writing circle, but I'd like to get to know you first :D


Its sounds like you are down the same alley as myself. I would like to join the circle if there is room and to be honest Ray I wouldn't mind if you gave my work a little beating. I would love to turn my writing into a profession.


Any chance I might be able to in this? I've been chipping away at my first novel for like a year now, but I can never stay motivated. I do want to be a professional, someday, but I could help in a circle!


Hey Ray I would also be interested in this. I don't have a lot of my stories done. But I have a extensive knowledge in current fantasy books. So you wouldn't have to critique much on my side.

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toujours gai, archie
Color me interested. I'm willing to put in the time. I have a WIP that has many completed chapters, so there's plenty for folks to read. But I'm also up for brainstorming.

Any ideas on the logistics of this? Thread here? Shared Dropbox or whatever? Email? You might be surprised at how the tech details can complicate matters. Also, rules of engagement.


I know Ray and I use email, and I use comments in word for any edits or thoughts I put in.

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Sounds good to me if there's room. I could do it via Skype or here. Do mostly short stories (about 3000 to 5000). If i can make them good enough then can sell them. let me know if we can do something.