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blog Becoming a Breakout Writer — Interview with Donald Maass

Discussion in 'Publishing' started by Black Dragon, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Caged Maiden

    Caged Maiden Staff Article Team

    Caged Maiden submitted a new blog post:

    Becoming a Breakout Writer — Interview with Donald Maass
    by A. Howitt


    Last year, I went through something of a personal breakthrough as a writer. I shared the experience with you here.

    Three things led to the new way I look at and approach writing, and one of them was the book, Writing the Breakout Novel, written by literary agent Donald Maass, president of Maass Literary Agency.

    This year, for motivation and as a sort of reward for the hard time I did in outline-ville (a place I’d avoided for a decade), I attended a writer’s conference that featured Donald Maass as the keynote speaker. And better yet, he taught his Writing the Breakout Novel class on the last day of the convention.

    I even got him to sign my workbook.

    When you take his class, you can tell how much passion is behind Donald Maass’ books and articles. It’s like he’s letting you in on the long-held secrets of the publishing community…but he does it because he genuinely wants writers to succeed by wowing agents and querying amazing genre-bending novels that will excite readers.

    I want to personally thank Donald Maass for not only his time in answering my questions, but for helping me (and loads of other folks) understand how to tell a better story.

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  2. Rkcapps

    Rkcapps Sage

    That was an absolutely freaking awesome interview. I'm going to have to read his book. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. Rkcapps

    Rkcapps Sage

    thats my Christmas present bought!
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  4. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    You won't be disappointed by Writing the Breakout Novel. I read it when it first came out in 2002, and it dramatically improved my writing.
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  5. Russ

    Russ Istar

    So I had the chance to do a full day small group seminar with Mr. Maass this summer (I have seen and met him several times before but not in this format) and it was fantastic. His experience, kindness, clear communications abilities and deep understanding of how to convey your story to readers with power and effectiveness made it a fantastic experience. I recommend his books, including his latest one on Emotion to anyone who wants to improve their fiction.

    As an agent, he represents a friend of mine, and his faith in her, and his nurturing of her career has been top rank. Interacting with this gentleman is always worth your time.

    Thanks for sharing that interview with us AH.
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  6. Demesnedenoir

    Demesnedenoir Auror

    Yeah, I spent three days in Seattle at his seminar on emotion in writing. It would've been better off as a two day as it was, but it was still very interesting. The dude is legit, knows of what he speaks. If I learned anything from folks there, it's that his week long writing workshops are awesome. There were several folks there that had been to more than one of those.
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  7. Rkcapps

    Rkcapps Sage

    Merry Christmas to me, my copy of this book just arrived. Yippee! Had to order from States as not available in Australia. Gotta love Amazon!
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