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Best Novels No One Has Heard Of

Discussion in 'Novels & Stories' started by Philip Overby, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Lawisendro

    Lawisendro Acolyte

    I'd like to make a shout-out to the Swedish masterpiece "Svavelvinter," Brimstone Winter, and its successor "Slaktare Små," Butchers Young, by Erik Granström. They are masterpieces, true masterpieces. The author is the greatest inspiration I have ever had, and he takes the time to, you know, just chat on facebook, meet up and have a coffee at the literary convention with me, a guy whose relationship with him could be branded 'facebook stalking'... you know, he's that level of awesome! And is just as awesome as an author. I cannot praise the books enough. He even helped me out with an assignment for school, for which I needed quotes representative of the book as a whole...

    Oh, enough fanboying, I know. Anyway, the books are about the machiavellian politics of a 16th century nation akin to a fantasy Italy, as well as the fresh, non cliché metaphysical and magical reality of the world. For example, a recurring theme is language. Yes, language. He's thought up stuff like the "High Language," the language spoken by gods to create the universe and the --ideas-- and principles and metaphysical facts of the universe. He is a genius, and alas, his books are not translated from Swedish. Oh, woeful truth.
  2. Fae

    Fae Dreamer

    umm its a fanfic but its awesome. HARRY POTTER AND THE METHODS OF RATIONALITY. trust me, this you were not expecting.
  3. Filk

    Filk Troubadour

    John Marco is worth checking out - good militaristic fantasy. The Jackal of Nar series is the better of his works if memory serves me.
  4. PlotHolio

    PlotHolio Sage

    I must second A Madness of Angels, which was mentioned on the first page. It's terribly underrated, especially in the USA. I sent the author some fanmail a while ago and she was amazed that an American had enjoyed her book so much.

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