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Can anyone verify legitimate online job positions?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MauEvig, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. MauEvig

    MauEvig Scribe

    So, I've finished my degree in English with a minor in Education (Yaaaay!). So now's the time to start looking for work in my field. I'm open to anything related to teaching, tutoring, writing, editing, etc.

    The thing is, I live out in the boonies in the middle of nowhere. We're talking about the countryside surrounded by mountains. Most of the available jobs are going to be a long commute if we don't plan on moving to a city area any time soon. Not that I would mind too much, but I'm used to the peaceful quiet and serene setting of the country.

    So I'm curious if anyone knows of any jobs that are legitimate online? They don't necessarily need to be in teaching. A friend on Facebook informed me VIP Kids was legitimate so I plan to look into that one. Apparently I'd be teaching English to children in China and I think that would be really cool! I think the only downside to this one would be the odd hours, but I think it would be worth it to work at home and gain some experience under my belt.

    Some of the other companies I found are Landi English and Zebra English. I have no idea if they are legit or not. I can look on glass door, but I was curious if anyone had any experience with these companies, or knew anyone that did.

    FYI, if you have any suggestions for anything online job wise, feel free to post those as well since I know a lot of us could potentially be looking for new better paying jobs for the start of the new year. This thread can be for anyone looking for a job online. My target job search is going to be in Education such as teaching or tutoring, or any English related position such as writing or editing. I'm suspicious by nature, but if I know someone who is actually working in these positions or if you know of someone who is, let us know that it's not a scam or a fraudulent attempt at stealing our bank information. (I already know positions that say earn $1,000 in a day is a huge red flag or any kind of envelope stuffing positions so...) That's one thing I'm afraid of, that and identity theft! Freelance writing positions count, I have to start somewhere and I reckon starting from the ground up is how it's always going to go one way or the other.

    If all else fails, I'll just make sure my cars in shape for a long commute because there's a serious lack of good paying jobs around here. I'm lucky right now to have a job at the local pizzeria washing dishes.

    Happy job hunting! :)
  2. skip.knox

    skip.knox toujours gai, archie Moderator

    You could try writing books. <wink>

    Lots of people make a living in the virtual world. The most common is to work for a company that allows remote work. I have a sister-in-law who does this in a help desk or support role (this one's in health care), but the company is there in town and she started as an office worker. Same for my younger son, who works for Salesforce. He started in a physical place, then moved to virtual (does tech writing and some training). That's probably the most secure route, but it doesn't sound like that's going to work for you.

    As for finding virtual work from the start, all I can suggest is what I'm sure you already know. Do your research, be willing to take a chance but be willing to quit, and try always to have some savings for when the floor drops away. With an English degree, tech writing is worth exploring. Right now, not only do you not know where the jobs are, you also don't know what jobs you like, so expect some churn.

    Good hunting!
  3. LadyErynn

    LadyErynn Dreamer

    Remote Jobs and Jobs - ProBlogger Jobs are where I usually go for remote work, and they both have a variety of areas to choose from. Happy Hunting!
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  4. MauEvig

    MauEvig Scribe

    lol, writing books is definitely a goal of mine.

    I also want to make sure I still have a stable income as well. It's awesome that so many people have been able to convert to a virtual home office and work from home.

    Yeah research is definitely what I'll probably do. I'll likely ask the college I graduated from for advice on job placement as well.

    It doesn't need to be virtual, but I know that a long drive every day can do it's toll mentally and physically. It's a shame some of the places I did work at didn't convert to a virtual desk environment. Dealing with customers would be a lot less stressful at home than it was in cubicles.

    I'm looking into technical writing, and it's definitely on my list of potential careers along with education. I want to make sure I have a back up plan for my back up plan too.

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