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Castles, anyone?

Agran Velion

Does reading this count as procrastination? Because, you really don't know when you'll need to know information about the larder of a castle.


Here is another site with castle information,
Parts of a Castle

If you need me, I will be in the Buttery, hiding from the butler because he might limit my consuption. :)

Castles of the Rhein:
Stolzenfels Castle · Lahneck Castle · Marksburg · Burg Sterrenberg · Burg Liebenstein · Maus (Mouse) Castle · Rheinfels Castle · Katz (Cat) Castle · Schönburg (Rhein) · Gutenfels Castle · Pfalzgrafenstein Castle · Stahleck Castle · Fürstenberg Castle · Ruine Nollig · Heimburg in Niederheimbach · Burg Sooneck · Reichenstein Castle · Rheinstein Castle · Mäuseturm · Ehrenfels Castle · Klopp Castle · Boosenburg · Brömserburg

My SCA persona was built on Rheinfels Castle (Severin Rheinfelser)
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