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Character In a Character

I've got a whole lot of multi-souled characters running around my world, with half-baked and confusing memories, but none of them are gods... depending on the definition, maybe. There isn't so much a direct conversation as there is a powerplay and "merging" of personalities and scattered memories, but it also settles around a phenomenon of "Forgettings" that have been worldwide losses of memory along with other phenomena like drowned cities, missing islands, and roads that lead into the sea. Plus, nobody gets what is happening to any of them, not even themselves.

So! My answer would be to play with it while writing and find what works instead of worrying about it upfront. You're more likely to find interesting twists this way, IMO.


the idea of the god losing his memory when he’s incarnated as a human is brilliant. It has so much plot potential. You could foreshadow the object that brings back his memory by having him contemplate it while he’s still a god. Then lose or toss it aside as more dramatic scenes develop. You could create dilemma by giving him a strong reason for becoming a human, but something important is at stake if he doesn’t regain his memory.
This is starting to remind me of Sailor Moon. 🌜🌛
(Assuming, of course, that the god's only amnesia is about being a god.)