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Cover for freebie novelette - opinions would be welcome

Ayaka Di'rutia

I would suggest moving "novelette" from the cover altogether and putting "Shadow of the Revenaunt" above the book title, keeping the font the same size. I would even underline the series name or spruce it up with graphics; readers should be able to guess quite easily that it's the series name.

The reason why I suggest removing "novelette" is that it seems redundant; readers will know that it's a shorter book when they see it or know the page count. I think of the word novelette as simply classifying the length of book when discussing book/story lengths.

I like the last one best, for the colour palette and the way that the image of the longboat has been sharpened. However adding the image of the cottage in the brown has confused me. It's almost as though you're trying to make it seem like the image through a window, but if so it doesn't work. The line under the oval doesn't quite work as a 3d window ledge effect. And even if it was a window how would it be outside the ship's interior? Or cut through a ladder? My thought would be to keep the colour palette. Return to the sort of cloudy background you had in the yellow but keep it as red / brown. And perhaps change the font colour to something bolder. Alternatively if you want to go for the window effect you need to have it placed within a wall, not in the middle of a room.

Cheers, Greg.


Hey, sorry, Ayaka and psychotick, your last posts had escaped me...

I published the book today, I'm afraid.

The background in brown was the interior of a cave. The ladder is a moment in the story. The oval with the ship points to the cover of the book this story was originally part of. I hadn't thought any further than that.
Anyhow, thanks for the input. Cover design is clearly not my strongest point.