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Feedback request for my cover: Blood and Amber


I had not idea that was a jet pack, I thought it was just a military ruck, or a parachute pack on her back.
Yeah; there's really no way to make it look like a jet pack from the angle I need.
The only other thing I can think to do is show some other flying soldiers in the background, from some kind of angle that looks more like flying where you can see the jet pack. But that kind of thing also makes the cover "busier." But maybe that would be what my cover needs. *shrugs*

For me what you've produced doesn't tell me much about the book. Maybe I get that the soldier is floating, but not that it's because of magic. And the art style says children's story or else something cartoon. I don't know if that's what you were going for. I'd suggest either going through a cover designer, or perhaps an AI like Midjourney or Deep Dream. With the text to image options they may give you a chance to flesh out your ideas. Personally I'm having fun with Deep Dream - and if you like you can check out my blog - the last half dozen of so posts have images that show what I've been able to come up with - and I am no artist at all!.

Cheers, Greg.


I had forgotten; I did make those changes I mentioned. Several months later, here's the updated version I never managed to share.


I'm still not sure that this is *quite* where I want it to be before I pay someone money to redraw it in a proper art style.