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Cover Feedback: Lost Dogs 2


My physical copy of #1 actually looks great in person but I think a pure white background is what makes the second look a little stark on the web, as it's typically on a white page.

If you don't have the time / resources / whatever for your usual illustrator I'd go for the simple but meaningful photo backdrop, even if it's just a texture. I've worked up an example below which brings out the parts you want to be read without losing the rest to dead space. Your logo's also really cool so bring that out where poss!



Article Team
Laurence that version looks awesome and it really does drive home the point about the blank space. Thanks for taking the time to give it a go. :)

Happy to hear the print version looks good.
Although, when I updated it yesterday I discovered that the page numbers in it are on the wrong side of the page (toward the spine instead of the outer edge. That's been fixed now though. :)