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Cover Ordelanden - your opinion please!



This is the cover my publisher produced for my 3rd Dutch Revenaunt book: Ordelanden. It is not what we originally had agreed upon and I'm a bit uncertain. Do I want this for my English edition?

So I'd very much appreciate your opinion.


Myth Weaver
For me the blue tongue/tang looks a little odd as cuts through the series title. It's probably there to make us think of heraldic banners, chivalry etc..
If they are going to put a flat background behind text, then it should be behind all the text... but the image background looks plain enough...
And personally I think the order and emphasis of the titles is wrong.
I'd prefer Book Title to be before "book # of the series title"

I do like the slightly 80/90s feel to the cover. It makes me think that the story will be a little darker and more gritty than those of the other covers you have shown...


Thanks, CupofJoe.

The banner thing is typical for the Dutch version; the English one won't have it.

The 80/90s feel is purposely. I'll never write gritty, as such, but compared to the first two, there's (even) more action in this one. And, expecially the last chapters, more violence. So if the cover reflects that, it's fine.

Covers never match the image in your head, so the reality comes as a shock. I always need to get used to it slowly :) I did wonder how others see it, though.

Ginger Bee

I'm not sold on the background. It is not interesting yet it takes attention away from the knight. The knight himself does interest me. Given his attire, I would expect him to be straight, strong, stiff. The slope of his shoulders and the quizzical tilt of his head make me wonder what's going on with this guy and how he's different than what I expect a knight to be.

Based on the knight, I would pick up the book and read the blurb. Based on the background, my eyes would slide right across the book without registering it.


Thanks, Ginger Bee.
That reminds me I must say something about knights in the blurb. They're just part of part of story, the part where the title comes from. As the Dutch version is trade published, I haven't got any say about that cover.

I do want to know whether it is attractive enough for the American market, as I'm publishing that one myself.


Re. the lettering on my covers in general - as some others pointed out in another post didn't show well in thumbnails - the designer agreed and will come with a more suitable font. I'll post them when I've got them.

There's something going on with the text. It's not part of the blue banner so what exactly is the blue banner? The sky doesn't just have blue banners in it. And why is the text in front of the sword?

The other thing is the knight and the background don't quite gel. The knight is quite detailed the background looks like a slightly washed out water colour.

Also I find the knight's head position strange.

Cheers, Greg.


The banner is part of the text, not of the image. Text in front of the sword is a good question. I hadn't really noticed it, but for the English version I'll ask to have it changed.

The background is slightly hazy, I'd say. It does give some depth to it.

The knight's head; he's about to strike, I think. Some like it, some don't. For the Dutch edition I didn't have any say in it; this was what the publisher produced. For my own English edition, I haven't much choice either. I can get this one in a translated version (without the banner) at low cost and as I'm running out of money fast, I can't afford a new design. Enough people were positive about it to take the gamble and use it.

Sorry, don't want to push it, but if the text is part of the banner why does it extend beyond it? By doing that it makes the banner part of the background - which makes no sense. And why is it in front of the knight who is in turn in front of the banner?

Could I suggest assuming that you have a copy of the cover sans text, that for your American version you Have it typed as: Ordelanden in the confines of the banner and the rest in smaller font at the bottom.

Cheers, Greg.


I'm not sold on it, maybe putting less emphasis on the background by bringing the knight to centre would work.



The international version is going to match this, esp. Rhidauna and Zihaen. The same image as the Dutch one, but without the banner. Personally, I prefer this version.

Only the font/color is still under discussion, to make thumbnails better readable.

I agree that the knight should be in front of the lettering, not the other way round. I'll try and get that changed.