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Do you consistently stick to one world/planet/ectc with each story?

Discussion in 'World Building' started by TheCrystallineEntity, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Interesting question, Crystalline =)

    My Fantasy worlds are sometimes part of the same universe. I know that Watz Eyll and Graceland are two different planets, and not in the same solar system but separated by some thirteen light years. This causes both worlds to have Magic systems that are very different in looks and yet pretty equal in their functions and capabilities.

    In another story of mine, Wander's Land and Great Britain are connected by magical gateways but otherwise they exist in separate universes.

    My Aylar worlds are all connected to each other even though they are not the same universe, and it has been established that at least one of them has a connection to the parallel Earth seen in my Joan of England story.

    Other settings of mine are completely isolated from any other world.
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  2. Chessie2

    Chessie2 Staff Article Team

    I love this! You're adventuring all over the place. :D

    Let's see...my answer is no. I mostly write in series with the occasional standalone (have 2 standalone novels planned this year--one ties into a current world and the other is in another setting). Series 1 is based in Colorado. Series 2 is in Oregon but the tie-in standalone takes place during the same time period yet is set in two different states (Arizona & Cali). I have a 1920's era story planned that starts out in Boston and moves to the Mediterranean before the close of Act One (and finishes in an Italian village). Series 3 takes place in the Yukon and my standalone WIP is set in that same time period of 1897-1899 in Dawson City and the surrounding area.

    Then there's my fantasy romances. I ended Mirovinia--the Russian inspired world I wrote in for years because one day I just had enough. So I no longer writer in that world and don't plan to ever again. I do, however, still write in Syth, which is my Elven world. There are five provinces in Syth and I have 2 books based in the province of Caramil, which is the seat of the throne and the only one I really care about, lol. The 3rd book in that series, which is actually the very first, is set in a woodland province of the same world.
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  3. bdcharles

    bdcharles Minstrel

    Just one world at the minute. But I'm exploring as I write. I have no idea how big the place is, nor what lies beyond the borders of my plug'n'play Left-Justified Fantasy Map TM :)
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  4. pmmg

    pmmg Auror

    At the moment, I would have to say I have two story worlds, one I used to write in, and then later abandoned to make another. I don't feel as if I will stay with this one forever, but I am so slow at it, that maybe it will turn out that way.

    I would say though, the longer one stays with a world, the greater the amount of fleshing out that world should obtain. And if it gets fleshed out enough, it might be worth sticking with cause there will always be so much more to discover. Though...I find the world I am currently writing in, while I have developed some far away peoples and drawn a big map, much of it is not cemented in my head. The places where the story is taking place is, of course, much more mapped out than the further away areas, and I have more of their cultures and histories worked in. But world building, for me, is always going on in my head, when I am driving, when I am doing things with the kids and wishing I was writing instead, when I see other cool things and it gets my wheels turning. So...I do feel I need to write it all down before I forget some of it and it becomes lost.

    That, and I am also feeling a scifi story in my head for next. So I am building that in my head as well.
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  5. Xitra_Blud

    Xitra_Blud Sage

    Sort of. I have a kingdom that I like to expand on. It has it's own mythology and all that and different stories that take place in it, but when I get a new fantasy idea that doesn't fit into their universe whether it be because of a different religion or something, I'll put it in a different setting.
  6. artsyChica

    artsyChica Dreamer

    I use one world [ Alkebulan, which is rumored to be the most ancient name of Africa before its "discovery"] but I use different regions as well as the occasional time-jump here and there. This gives me diverse city-states, peoples and cultures to work with. My heroines range have been sell-swords, trader-lords, royalty, priestesses and everything in between.
  7. ChasingSuns

    ChasingSuns Sage

    As of right now, my fantasy stories all take place on the same planet. I have other stories that are completely separate though. The one that I'm currently working on is a series that takes place on one continent. I have other stories that take place on other continents as well. Also planning a future series that takes place much further in the future.
  8. ArelEndan

    ArelEndan Scribe

    I've written a couple stories set in a future version of our earth, but most take place on my own planet. I spend the majority of my writing time on a single continent, though I am starting to branch out and fill in the rest of Ves’endlera's map.
  9. Saigonnus

    Saigonnus Auror

    Like many of you, I also tend to use different worlds (2 in my case) for my stories. This is mostly due to world-building elements that I liked, but ones that simply wouldn’t work well for my first world, so I created a second world to accommodate them.

    I have used said worlds in the typical “medieval” era, the present, and even a post-apocalyptic setting... mostly for my own amusement.
  10. A. E. Lowan

    A. E. Lowan Forum Mom Leadership

    Actually, realm hopping is a feature in The Books of Binding. In the first book, Faerie Rising, the protagonists have to travel from the Mortal Realm (here) to Faerie in search of allies. And in the second book, Ties of Blood and Bone, a Demon Gate features heavily. As the series progresses we discover that rifts, the natural rips in the veil between realms, can lead pretty much anywhere.
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  11. Dark Squiggle

    Dark Squiggle Troubadour

    I would like to think all of my stories share a world, but if I look at them too carefully, they contradict one another. Terry Pratchett's Discworld contradicts itself quite blatantly and quite often, so I guess that's okay, and I can say all my stories take place in the same world, even though it doesn't have a name. The world does have much of New York State, the Mississippi and Amazon Rivers, and some bits of 1870's San Francisco, or at least places very similar, as well as a few places that aren't based on reality, so I guess it has some definition as a world. It also has several different types of tech, magic and fantasy races, so I guess it really is a fully fledged fantasy world, even if it is a little blurry around the edges.
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  12. rktho

    rktho Troubadour

    In my first book my characters journey across the country but don't travel outside it until the next book, when one character goes on a journey and back while the main characters are up to something. By the time he returns, they are forced to travel back to where he had just gone, which is a tad annoying for him, because his house gets trashed in the process (it's pretty much the main reason they have to leave, actually.) The party actually splits; the main characters head north while their loved ones head south and board a ship to a distant island for protection. All this takes place on one continent, because it's just not necessary to develop the entire planet.
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  13. Orc Knight

    Orc Knight Auror

    Finally getting around to answering this: Yes and no. Some are contained to one world, sometimes one city or town. Eld currently bleeds into other worlds, it's incredibly vast variety of moons and planets, once they get a hold of magitek space ships. The Nexus Earth is connected to Eld (for a little bit) through it's vast portal network. That is mostly in control of the drow. There are also Alternate Universes hanging about too, that connect to the main one.
  14. ApaCisare

    ApaCisare Scribe

    No. Although I've always liked the idea of somehow connecting all my stories to a single world, my overactive imagination simply won't allow me to stick to one place for too long.
    Maybe they're all part of a multiverse... a single multiverse within my mind!
  15. Yora

    Yora Maester

    It's not really intentional. But any time I sit down to try something new, it eventually ends up morphing into a new and better version of the same world. And it's becoming a great world. so why fight it?
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