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Editing Process Example, Beginning to End for Kevin Hearne's novel Tricked


I came across this article where bestselling fantasy author Kevin Hearne shares the writing and editing/revision process, working with editors and such, from beginning to end. It includes commentary and insight from his editor at Del Rey, which I found interesting too.

Article Link: On Revision (this title needs revision) by Kevin Hearne

A few notes from me:
This article covers interesting topics far beyond the editing, such as working with an editor, writing a bridge novel in a series and the fact that Kevin Hearne was still working his teaching job while writing Tricked.

Note: Of the 7 novels, (and 2 novellas and various short stories), Tricked is my second favorite in the Iron Druid Chronicles, after Hexed. If you haven't had the opportunity to read them, consider giving them a try. If you're an audiobook fan, narrator Luke Daniels really brings the story to life.

And as a writer, I believe you can learn a lot from reading them, from switching POVs and managing story arcs in a series, to great characterization and character development.


toujours gai, archie
I especially liked this line:

"No matter how many drafts and rounds of polishing you do before you deliver it, the counter always starts over when you send it to the editor."
Excellent piece - I like this line especially:

she doesn’t suggest things like, Hey, why don’t you have Atticus do this, or have Granuaile do that—it’s more pointing out my many blind spots, and once I see the problem, I can fix it.