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Fandom Fest, June 29 to July 1


I will be attending Fandom Fest as a Writer Guest. (What panels and other events I'll participate in have yet to be determined)

In anycase, a good portion of my time will be spent meeting readers, discussing writing, reading, science fiction and fantasy, and signing copies of my novels:

If you're in the Lousville, Kentucky area (the event is being held at the Galt House Hotel) I look forward to the chance to getting to meet you. Besides me, ;) there well be plenty of awesome guests, including Bruce Campbell , Larry Elmore, and Sean Astin, among others.

For more information visit the Fandom Fest 2012 Website. And again, I hope for the chance to meet some of you there!


The following are the Fandom Fest panels I will participate on:

Friday 4:00 pm: Collins Room, The World of Audio Books

Saturday 11:30 am: Beckham Room, Exploring Genres - Epic Fantasy

Saturday 1:00 pm: Stanley Room, Beta Reading

Sunday 10:00 am: McCreary Room, Critique Groups (I will be moderating this one)

If you're in the Lousville, Kentucky area June 29 to July 1, or care to travel a bit, hope to see you there!