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Final cover art for THE QUEEN OF MAGES

Here it is:


I'll be publishing the book in the next couple of days.


Queen of Titania
That's a really beautiful, artistic cover, Benjamin... Congratulations, and you have my best wishes for the great success of The Queen of Mages!! =)

I need to find a good Artist too...
Thanks all - I'd been away for a few weeks and hadn't seen the latest responses.

Great cover. Tells me about the topic as well. My only question, is it Disney?

Ha, no -- the illustrator's style is just a bit more graphic-novelly than you might normally see. I thought it would stand out a bit.

So since y'all like the cover, y'all bought a copy, right? ;)


Just purchased this on amazon and I've already read 45% of the novel on my kindle, in only a day. Its truly a page turner and I hope to read more of this world you've created.


I like the slightly stylized look. Great contrast from the usual, more realistic style of cover illustration.