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Fleshing out in Showcase


I'm not quite sure if some of the stories I've read in Showcase were part of a bigger universe or not. I was wondering how many of you flesh out your world through short stories of origin or myths and histories of how your world came to be how it is.

I'm currently fleshing out my own world with stories like this. Well putting down ideas and selecting a few to start with, and I was wanting to see how many people would be interested in reading a fleshing out of a world.


I've considered doing this--mainly because I really want to write more about my story universe without giving anything away about the intricate details of the story itself. There are many things I've planned, and created that date way back in history, that I could easily turn into a short story or something.

And yeah, I'd be plenty interested in reading out a world being fleshed out. I love reading what people have come up with, and the neat ideas they've put into them as they develop them.

I've heard briefly of showcase, but I don't know what, or where it is. Anyone willing on filling me in?


Ooooh! I was thinking it was a different website. I could have sworn someone linked me, a while back, a link to a different website that was named something like "showcase". I suppose that is where my confusion came from. Thanks though for the clarification! ^^


Ya i too have started fleshing out my own world. I was never sure how far to go but after reading writers like George Martin and seein how comfortable he is in his land just because of the amount of work behind it. Right now Im Workin on a few origin stories and spending time doin some research to help better ground my world

Black Dragon

Harbinger said:
Hmm i have more than five posts and it wont let me into showcase. Am i missing something?

User permissions are automatically updated once per hour. Once someone reaches five posts they still have to wait for the next update cycle.

In any case, you should definitely have access now. :)