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Free Download of Abuse of Power


Myth Weaver
Abuse of Power first appeared, serialized, in the first two editions of Myths Inscribed. Since I submitted that on a deadline, I wasn't completely happy with it, so, after publication, I sent it to an editor.

The revised version, about 2000 words longer, is available for FREE download through my website at www.brianwfoster.com. Simply click on the thumbnail of the cover at the top right corner.

The download asks you to sign up for my newsletter. If you're interested in getting emails announcing future book releases, please click yes. I will only send email for book releases so don't worry about spam. If you decide not to sign up, it's no biggie. You will not be added to the list; you don't even have to enter a valid email address.

If you download it and like it, please visit the site and leave me a message on the download page. I'd love any feedback you can give me. Also, tell your friends! I'm trying to get the word out and could use your help.

Finally, I'd appreciate it if you could report back any glitches in the system. If the form doesn't work or the format for the file is wonky or you find a typo, a heads up would be fantastic.


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Myth Weaver
the field wasn't optional... but it did take a random character and let me passed...

My IT department (me) had a bunch of trouble with it. I think the problem is fixed now.

This whole experience of changing my blog over and adding this kind of stuff has fought me every step of the way. I don't think, for a single thing I did, that I just followed a simple set of instructions and everything went perfectly.

All part of the job description as a self publishing author...

Thanks for the feedback!


Myth Weaver
I discovered this cool new site called Facebook, and...

Seriously, I finally got around to starting an author FB page. I'm open to "like" exchanges. If you like my page, I'll like yours from my page. www.facebook.com/authorbrianwfoster

Message/email me a reminder. I just started the page, and my likes are coming so fast I can't keep up.