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Guilds of Galyndor has been published

K.S. Crooks

I have recently published a new fantasy novel called Guilds of Galyndor: Quest for the Sagacitas Elixir.

In Guilds of Galyndor, Guild members have the exceptional ability to harness many powerful forces that exist in the world. There are four Guild disciplines, each different in their abilities; nevertheless the same in their intentions: Guild Masters serve as peacekeepers, protectors of the land, even as warriors when the need arises.

The four Guilds are…
Shoguns, who have the ability to enhance their physical attributes and senses.
Elementals, who are capable of manipulating the basic elements of nature- water, fire, lightning, earth and air.
Ethereals, who have the ability to manipulate light, control their shadows and access an alternate realm using mirrors.
Shamans, who are capable of manipulating life auras, allowing them to affect plants, animals and positively influence human health.

Kendra, Wyatt, Garrick and Naomi- four new Guild students will become a team and great friends. In the face of tragedy, they take on the challenge of saving the life of a fellow student. Their quest takes them throughout Galyndor to new destinations, and shows them sights and creatures they did not know existed. To overcome the tremendous perils of their undertaking, each of them will need to discover new strengths and abilities, or their friend will perish.

The novel is available from you favorite online retailer by going to Store - K.S. CROOKSand clicking the link or going to the retailer's site.

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