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Team Lowan has an Announcement

A. E. Lowan

Forum Mom
It's announcement time!

Team Lowan is delighted to sound the trumpets, for in January we will be featured in the anthology Reign of Fire with seventeen other amazingly talented authors. We can't wait for you to see it and our new prequel novelette, "A Choice of Her Own," featuring a fierce and determined young coatl-dragon.

Preorders are up and available at the link. Enjoy!

Amazon.com: Reign of Fire: A Dragon Soul Press Anthology eBook : Feldman, J.E., Brown, Deborah, Vincent, Zachary, Tobiason, Eric, Lombardi, Bruno, Realubit, Jeol, Kent, Katie, Nieuwstraten III, Barend, Hunter, E.B., Roche, Dylan: Kindle Store