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hello :)


hey i'm eloise, or elly whatever you want to call me :)
i come from cornwall and live about 5 minutes away from the sea,
although people might think cornwall is nice and sunny, it isnt its cold and wet xD
but its a nice place to live,, my hobbies are singing, drawing (any art in paticular), acting and i love writing horror stories which i guess is fantasy, i got this site from a good friend of mine he recommended it for me, theres not much left to tell, but i'm a friendly person and i like to get to know people and i'm happy to share ideas, thank you :)

Black Dragon

Hey Eloise!

Welcome. I also love writing horror stories. There's something fascinating about exploring the darker side, especially the darker side of human nature. My current novel is high fantasy, with a strong horror element. The final act of the novel is actually more horror than fantasy.


I've recently finished The Shining and Misery by Stephen King i love that sort of mental horror but i haven't tried writing anything
like that yet, but I agree with you 'the darker side of human nature' fascinates me as well :) vampires also interest me i love the beautiful/ deadly element,, i have tried something with vampires but i haven't got very far, i just need to get writing more and a bit more dedicated ^_^


Read It. Or The Stand. I doubt King'll ever surpass himself when it comes to what he submits to his publisher, but who cares? They're classics.:)
They are :) although I think his endings aren't that good I think he should round them off better, but hey, thats just
my opinion :D


If you've seen my posts, you'd know I like well written horror, and honestly I find horror to be an art, much like poetry... you want them scared enough to keep reading, but not scared enough to stop reading... Welcome!