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Help! I'm actually terrible at short stories.

I also liked the Veldt by Ray Bradbury.

...why is everything i like disturbing and terrible?

But seriously, this is strange to me. How I can enjoy reading and writing twisted and disturbing stuff and at the same time be the most sensitive person who is empathetic to the point of being in pain from others' pain. Granted, I'm not much for gore, just the weird stuff.


Since I prefer writing collection of inter-connected short stories, maybe I can help.

When writing a short, note that whatever structure you use must be contained within 2,500-7,500 words. Things that might be essential to show in a short story are therefore going to be different from what you would put in a novel. The best way to go about this is decide what the three main cutscenes you think are essential to show, and carefully decide what other scenes you will summarize or exclude.

It's difficult to get right, and takes some practice.