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Hiya all!

Hiya! About a year ago I decided to pursue a dream of mine and start writing a story. I figured I'd start out with something short, maybe ten chapters, as a bit of practice and see where it went from there. I was very pleasantly surprised with how well received my sci-fi/fantasy was, and due to an unexpected amount of support, my short story is now looking like it'll span a good 7 (or more) book series. I'm just about ready to start publishing book 1 (Self publish) and am currently working on book 2.

I ran into a bit of a hiccup about the physics of what kind of arrows I should use, and that question led me to this site. I already posted my question, but then looked through my e-mails and noticed it was customary to introduce ourselves when we first start out, so here I am!

If anyone is bored and wants to give my story a gander, here's the teaser and a link. Book 1

Jack just crashed on a planet where the natives are seven-foot-tall carnivorous cat-lizards currently somewhere between stone and bronze age. The good news is the natives think the ship that crashed into their mountain is a dragon and are steering clear of it. The bad news is they just left one of their own as a sacrifice to appease the beast. No matter what Jack and his AI co-pilot decide to do about it, his life just got a lot more complicated...